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How To Prepare For An Interview?

So you have a big interview coming up and the butterflies in your tummy show no signs of letting up. Instead of going into panic mode, prepare for the interview by following these simple steps.

Research the job

Find out as much as you can about the job you are going to be interviewed for. Even if the job title may seem familiar to you, different companies have different job expectations about the same jobs. Make sure you understand what the company is looking for and prepare answers for it according.

Online forums can be a good place to get information about the salary, benefits and the interview itself. Get an idea of the market wage for the job title that you have applied for so you can determine if you are being offered a fair wage.

Research the company

The company website is a good place to begin with to gather information about the company. Pay special attention to the mission statement of the company and try to incorporate it in your answers.

The company website will also give you information about the management and the different departments and what the company’s standing is in the community. Familiarize yourself with all aspects of the company. This will help you cite examples about how you will make a better candidate for the job.

Choose your attire

Plan your attire a week ahead and have them ready a day in advance so there are no last minute nervous breakdowns on account of your clothes. Choose a suit of dark colors like black, navy blue or dark grey. Pair it with a light colored shirt or professional blouse and matching shoes that are polished and in good condition.

Study your resume

Go over your resume thoroughly and think of possible questions that can be asked from them. It will be very embarrassing if you cannot answer any questions about your previous jobs or about anything that you have cited in your resume. That will destroy the veracity and integrity of your resume.

Prepare for Interview Questions

Research questions that can be asked during the interview and prepare answers for them so you are familiar with the content. This will prevent any inarticulate responses during the interview. Try to answer in clear, concise and complete sentences and avoid pauses and fillers like “um”, “like”, “you know”. These are very unprofessional articulations and should be avoided at all costs.

Mock Interview

Ask a friend or family member to interview you. Prepare for this interview as you would for the real one. This will help you nix any last minute jitters and the feedback and second opinion will bolster your confidence in yourself. Rehearse everything starting from greeting the interviewer, offering a firm handshake to how to say good bye after you are done with the interview.

Check-list for the interview

Prepare a check list of the items that you have to bring to the interview. It is always safer to get that information beforehand. Some organizations will want you to bring copies of your resume and references while others may not.

In any case, be prepared beforehand with information such as how many members will be on the panel. Always carry extra copies of your resume and offer them to the interview panel in case they don’t have a copy.

You will also be given a chance to ask questions. Be ready with questions that show case your knowledge of the company and its policies.

Map the interview place

Map the place of interview and cruise around to find out the quickest way to get to the place. Research the roads and pattern of traffic so you will be prepared to detour in case of any road blocks on the day of the interview. Start early with ample time to spare so as to curb any last minute jitters. You do not want to arrive late for the interview. That is a sure way of not getting hired.

Thank you card

Always follow up after the interview with a thank you card. This will show that you are professional and thoughtful.

Article written and published by Sun Maag. Visit for college & university information and to find online & campus schools.