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You run a great medical practice, you offer great services, you have a well-trained staff, and your patients are satisfied. While it seems as though you’ve got the recipe for success, you’re not seeing many new patients and business is slow. With today’s technologies and even some longing standing marketing techniques, there are plenty of ways to promote your medical practice; making more people aware of the services you offer which will lead to more patients and better business in the long term.

How To Promote Your Medical Practice

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an easy and efficient way to connect with your existing clients. This tool can be used to remind patients of upcoming appointments, provide discounts on treatments or procedures, share tips on preventative care, and much more. This is also an opportunity for you to remind patients of all of the services that your medical practice offers. Perhaps an existing patient only comes in for an annual checkup, but will now come to your office for seasonal flu shots. Sometimes a simple reminder is all it takes.

Social Media

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow you to engage with existing and prospective patients. You can share content related to your business, share news on changes within your practice or the medical community, and answer questions. With little to no cost, you can even generate referrals just by staying active and engaging through your social media account.

Referral Programs and Reviews

Got enthusiastic patients that are benefiting from your services? Why not reward them for bringing in referrals? There are a few ways this can be done. For example, websites like even help provide patients with information about your medical practice. Create a physician profiles and make sure pictures, office hours, and healthcare plans are updated. Note that there is a patient feedback area. Use this feedback to respond to patients’ concerns and make improvements to your office.

Blogs and Press Releases

Blogging gives doctors and other medical professionals the opportunity to write about anything they chose. They can share their unique knowledge and offer advice. Unlike newsletters or social media sites, which only reach other social media members or subscribers, everyone regardless of their location or affiliation can read blog entries.

If your medical practice has something newsworthy to share, like the hiring of a new physician or offering of a new treatment, consider sending out a press release. This is another way to reach a large audience and possibly have your story picked up by the media. If you recently purchased a state-of-the-art medical device, this is your chance to make a return on investment. The more people in need of your service become aware of your offerings, the more potential patients you will have. Then, if additional information on your practice is easily accessible on the web, those potential patients will likely become actual patients.

Local Search Optimization

Consider hiring a local search engine optimization expert. Now more than ever before, people are using search sites like Google and Yahoo! to find local services. With the help of an expert, you’ll be able to improve your website’s search rankings, making it easier for potential patients to learn more about your practice.

Written by John Gladstein. John is passionate about lowering the cost of healthcare for medical professionals.