How To Protect Your Brand’s Trademark, Copyright, and Patent?

How To Protect Your Brand’s Trademark, Copyright, and Patent?

When you are on the verge of developing a brand, you should be aware of protecting the business legally. With a proper trademark, copyright and patent- you can lawfully own the rights to the business and anyone copying the idea of your business or using the same logo can be condemned legally. Get in touch with the best trademark agency Canada that can help you throughout the registration process of the commercial trademark.

How To Protect Your Brand’s Trademark, Copyright, and Patent?

Here, is the list of how you can protect your brand—

Hire the best Canadian patent agency: You should find and hire a renowned patent agency Canada, reputed for offering versatile services like the  patent registration services and different other services like trademark registration, patent searching, industrial designs etc like Wilson patents. This agency will help you throughout the process and help you get the patent of your products quickly so that you don’t have to worry about the security of the product’s intellectual properties such as ingredients etc.

Patent privacy preservation: When your patent is still pending, you should keep the sensitive details and intellectual properties of your business well-guarded. Only the trusted people that work with those properties should have the access to using the details. Unless you are receiving the patent officially, you should be extra careful about protecting your company’s secrets.

You can save both time and money by focusing on the domestic patents until and unless you have big plans to leverage your business in the international arena. With the help of a good Canadian patent agency, plan a temporary protection strategy and apply for the provisional application for the patent that will help your products safe. In fact, the Canada patent agent will plan to keep the whole thing simple so that you don’t have to face much bureaucratic red tape when the patent is still under approval.

File for a Trademark Registration: After you come across with the fact that there are no more claims on the products, file for a trademark application. You will be thoroughly supported by the trademark agency Canada to get the job done. The registration forms have to be downloaded from the Trademark Electronic System for a minimum fee. While you are waiting for the approval, protect your claim with TM or SM marker. This is available for the pending trademarks. TM is allowed to use for the product-based registrations while the SM is for the service-based trademarks. Previously, the registered trademarks were labeled with the “R” marks to designate full ownership. You can discuss all your queries to the Canada patent agent handling your trademark registration process.

Marking the legal ownership: It is important to mark your ownership on the products and the services your brand offers. If you are running a website you can put the written material of your ownership. Do the same on the products by putting a tiny copyright marker mentioning the word “copyright” along with the year of publication.

So, like this, you can protect your brand’s trademark, patent, and copyright successfully.

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