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A logo and slogan are important for any brand as it helps ensure your product or service is recognized and sticks in the minds of consumers. Any businesses who wish to have a logo or slogan will have to register a trademark, in order to ensure there are no replicates and that they are legally safe to use it. There are various steps to take if you wish to register a logo or slogan.


The first step you need to take is to get your logo and/or slogan ready and search to ensure it is brand new and has not been used already by another company. You can do this by using the trademark electronic search system, where you will be asked to insert your logo and slogan, and the system will check there are no replicates or similarities with other companies. If there are similarities, you may be able to just make some tweaks to it in order to differentiate it more from the other brand. However, if you want to be truly original, it may be worth scrapping it altogether and starting a brand new one.

How To Register A Trademark For Logos and Slogans

Classify and Create

Assuming there are no replicates, you will then be asked to classify your logo/slogan, so you will need to know what category it would be under. For instance, it could be a soft drink, fast food product etc. When you have done this you will be required to create your logo, usually in JPEG format.

Trademark Application

The Trademark Electronic Application System will then be used as part of the process. At this point, you will need to provide any information relating to your business, such as your trademark and reasons why you are now using a logo and slogan to represent your product or service. As part of the trademark process, you would have to make a payment, which could be a few hundred dollars or more. You can use your credit or debit card to do this online.


You will be provided with a file number which will allow you to keep track of the process of your trademark for your logo or slogan. This is really handy as it will allow you to make any necessary amendments to the logo or slogan before they are finalised.


You will have to renew your logo and/or slogan at certain points throughout its lifetime, the application system will provide you with information on this and the time schedule for renewing. You will have to keep track of this as if you don’t, you won’t have any legal stance if someone else uses it which could be very damaging to your business.


You now have your slogan and logo to make the most of and enjoy. These trademarks can be a strong way to build your business and manage your brand effectively. You will be able to use these in brochures, websites, leaflets and any other forms of advertising or communication you wish.