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How To Sail A Yacht

Do you want to sail a boat but do not know how to do it? Actually, the wind maneuvers a yacht. Is it possible to move a boat in the opposite direction of the wind? Read on to find out the answer.

The first thing you need to know before sailing a boat is to find out how a sail works. Most of the beginners do not even know what the point of a sail is. They do not understand the way a large sheet that is blown away by the strong wind could be a method of propulsion. Sailing is not about “catching” air and maneuvering a yacht on the sea. While the yacht sailor is at the mercy of the weather, harnessing the wind is possible only if he has knowledge of it.

So how does a sail works? The working of a sail is similar to that of an aircraft. Let us spell out how an airplane works to simplify things.

If you cut the cross section of an airplane, it would look like a long comma, round and blunt on at the front, and tapering off at the end. Moreover, the top of an airplane’s wing is curved, while the bottom is nearly flat. As the aircraft moves with the power of its engine, air is forced under and over the wing. Due to its shape and angle, the air flows over the upper side of the wing easily than its bottom. As a result, an area of low pressure is created at the wing top that lifts the airplane off the ground.

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A sail works almost the same way, just flipped over 90 degrees. When the wind starts to pass over the sail to fill it out, it turns into an aerofoil shape. At the same time, a field of low pressure is created, which pulls the plane in the direction of the “lift” created by the sail.

A keel is utilized in order to keep the place moving forward. A keel is actually hydrodynamic equipment on the bottom of the boat or yacht. It counters the sideways wind force in order to keep the yacht moving in the direction you want. Moreover, it has a hydrofoil or aerofoil shape to create “lift” from the water. While sailing, it helps to protect it from the wind force and sustain its vertical stability.

So, now you can try to sail a boat as you have the knowledge of how a sail works. Moreover, the sailing will become more appealing to you after you have collected the necessary information. What should you do next? You should find a place where boats are being sold, or a place where boats are available for charter.

Having a boat is not only a luxury but also a fantastic hobby. Also, sailing is a mental as well as physical activity. It can provide a lot of enjoyment for you. You are safe on the sea as long as you know exactly what you are up to.

If you want to go on sailing vacations you should learn how to maneuver a yacht. NauticEd sailing school provides online sailing courses and internationally recognized sailing certification.

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