How To Save Money At The Airport

How To Save Money At The Airport

Airports are notorious for their high prices and it is easy to spend much too much when you are stuck there waiting for a flight or you arrive at your destination without having planned your onward journey.   Businesses and retailers at airports take advantage of the fact that you have no other options while there. However, with a bit of planning in advance and shopping about at the airport you can make sure that you do not overspend.

Here are some tips to help you do this

Planning Ahead If you plan what you are likely to need when spending up to two hours hanging around in the departure lounge then you may not be tempted to pay the inflated prices for products in the shops and cafes. Think about these three things in advance

Entertainment Make sure you have headphones for your MP3 player and a book to read with you. These things are much cheaper bought in advance outside the airport.

Food and drink It is likely you will want some sort of refreshments while at the airport so why not bring some snacks with you rather than paying the ridiculous prices at the airport. Of course you cant take drinks through the departure gates with you but you can take any solid food you might want. A sandwich is much cheaper outside the airport, or made at home, for example. An option for water is to take an empty bottle through the gates and fill up from a tap on the other side.

Onward travel It is important to book your hire car at your destination in advance. If you just show up at a rental agency’s desk at your destination airport you will not be offered any opportunities to save money or get discounts. If you book in advance online you are likely to get a much cheaper deal and also to get the type of vehicle you want. This is definitely one area where huge amounts can be saved.

Have a budget Of course there is bound to be something you need to get at the airport, like a cup of coffee or another drink that you cant bring with you. Maybe you fancy a beer while you are waiting, after all, unless you are a business traveler, it is probably the start of your holiday. Make sure you limit your spending on these things though. Have a budget and stop spending when you get to the limit of it.    A good way to make yourself stop spending at the airport is to remind yourself how far that money will go when you get to your destination proper. How many beers at your resort in Mexico can you get for that one at the airport.

How many glasses of wine at your resort in Spain can you get for the price of that one at the airport? Even if you are not going to a destination where prices are much cheaper than home it is still likely they will be cheaper than in the airport. So just remind yourself how much further your money will go when you get to your destination and you will find you have the motivation to stick to budget at the airport.

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