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How to Save On Dental and Oral Healthcare

As dental healthcare plan prices rise, consumers are making the tough decision of whether or not to renew their plans. Unfortunately, the majority of people who don’t have dental healthcare coverage skip their annual visits and have poorer oral health. You don’t want to fall into this category. Instead, here are four great ways you can save on your oral healthcare plan.

Consider A Dental Discount Plan

If your workplace dental coverage is way out of your budget, then you should consider a dental discount plan. This type of plan works by paying an upfront, one-time fee to purchase the plan. Then, you simply go to any participating dentist. They will offer you a discounted rate on the services that they perform.

Look for A Plan That Includes Annual Care Packages

Oral healthcare plans can be a bit confusing. Instead of reading through all the details, you may be making a decision solely on price. However, you must consider the amount of coverage you’re getting for your money. It’s best to consider purchasing a healthcare plan that includes annual care packages. These plans usually include twice a year cleanings and dental x-rays from all participating dentists. While you may pay a bit more for this type of plan, it may be well worth it as you won’t have to pay for these services like you would with another plan.

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Go to Local Dental Schools

Many dental schools offer free or very low-cost services on things like routine cleanings. These services are performed by dental students under the close supervision of an experienced dental professional. You can find dental schools in your local area on the website for the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Visit Low-Cost and Sliding Fee Clinics

Those who have a low-income or are unemployed can greatly benefit from visiting a clinic. These dental clinics can be found on the Dental Association’s website. There will be a list of community dental clinics in your area that you can visit. These clinics work by either charging a low-cost for services or use a sliding fee payment schedule. The sliding fee payment schedule works based on your income level and your ability to pay the bill.

When it comes to your oral health, you need to be visiting the dentist regularly. You should never let expensive dental healthcare stand in your way. Rather, consider implementing any of the four strategies above to help reduce the cost of dental services for you and your family.


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