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Traveling can be quite expensive. Although if you are smart about your travels, you can just about see the world for free. This is incredibly useful for people who do not have the budget to travel. It’s still possible, but do not expect to be staying in a luxurious resort. Here’s the resources to travel with a tight budget:

Save Money

If you intend on traveling within the next year, you should start saving your money. Whether you are selling old clothes on Ebay, you need to prioritize your savings. This means you should stop eating out, and stop going to the bars as much. Gather any loose change you have, and put it in the a jar or piggy bank. As the trip gets closer, roll your change and turn it into a bank. As long as you smart about your spending before your trip, you should be fine.

Work While You Travel

If you plan to travel for more than a couple of days, you can always find a job to help you maintain a sustainable lifestyle while you are away. This can include bartending and waitressing. Cruise ships often have open positions, so you if you don’t get seasick, you can maintain a lifestyle on the water.

Prepare Your Own Meals

Just because you are going to a new area, doesn’t mean you have to eat out all the time. Prepare your meals ahead of time. Depending on where you are staying, you can store the food in a cooler, or even host’s house. Eating out can cost you well over $20 a meal. You can purchase groceries for your trip and pay only $3 a meal.

Take Advantage of Free Tours

Major cities often offer free tours and tourist resources. You can get a walking tour of the city from a tour guide that is incredibly familiar with the area. After the tour, you can adventure off in your own direction, and have an idea of what your surroundings are. They also will know what other places have the best deals for you to check out. Ask the tour guide questions because he or she will have great input for you.

Use Groupon and Living Social Deals

These two applications can get you great deals while you are traveling. They offer restaurants, spas, and other deals at very low costs. Start subscribing when you first commit to your trip. This will save you a lot of money because most of their offerings are generally listed at 50% or more.

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