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A wedding will be a day to remember. Many loved ones will be in attendance who can celebrate a couple’s special day and there are various things to organise beforehand. Along with a venue for a ceremony, a location for a reception also has to be found. The flowers which will adorn a wedding venue should impress everyone who sees them. A wedding caterer has to be found but, before then, here’s what to consider when looking for wedding supplies:

Ask Friends and Work Colleagues

How To Select The Best Catering Supplier For Your WeddingBy asking friends and work colleagues regarding wedding caterers, they might suggest someone who is difficult to find online or in a telephone directory. If they went to a wedding which a wedding caterer served food at, they can say what it was like. They might even suggest particular dishes which they enjoyed that could then be served.

What Catering is Required?

Both the cuisine and service which is provided by a wedding caterer differs from one to another. Before getting in touch with a wedding caterer, know what’s required. For example, a buffet can be provided at a reception where guests will enjoy their food in-between ordering drinks and dancing to their favourite songs. A sit-down meal can be provided by a catering company too. By saying what is needed, such as any special dietary requirements, tasty meals will be served.

Are Catering Staff Provided?

Although catering staff aren’t required when a buffet is served, the opposite is true with a sit-down meal. A caterer should be asked if their costs include waiters and waitresses. As well as corking bottles of wine, catering staff can also serve food to guests.

Can a Cake be Made?

A wedding cake is one of the focal points of a bride and groom’s special day. Not every wedding caterer is able to make a cake for their customers but some can. By asking if they offer this service and can deliver it to a wedding venue, a bride and groom will know if they have to find someone else.

Is Cutlery Provided?

Many wedding caterers supply cutlery, plates and utensils but some don’t. A wedding caterer should be asked if catering supplies such as this are provided and, if applicable, how much they charge for providing knives, forks and dinner plates. Even if a small fee applies, it is very convenient because a wedding party doesn’t have to source them.

Are All Condiments Supplied?

The condiments which are served at a sit-down meal might not be included. A bride and groom could source condiments themselves which can be served with their meals. However, the same catering supplies company that provides knives, forks and dinner plates can also include all condiments free of charge.