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How To Sell Your Home In A Buyer’s Marketplace: Get The Best Sale Possible:

Have you found that selling your home in the current marketplace is more than a bit of a task? If so, then you are not alone – looking away from the nation’s capital, almost every area in the UK is plagued by the same problem currently: there are more homes available than people who want to buy them.

So, buyer’s need to become ever more savvy to ensure they achieve the right price for their properties and get the sale they are looking for that will enable them to move on, and relatively quickly, too. The real question is however, where do you start?

Find the right estate agent:
It’s a sad state of affairs, but not all estate agents are created equal – prospect at least three and get three independent valuations of your property. Don’t necessarily opt for the highest valuation, but rather ensure you choose the estate agent who you believe will be able to achieve their recommended sale price and who ultimately will do everything they can to sell your property.

It may also be worth doing a bit of mystery shopping, go for viewings at properties they currently own and check out their sales process. It may also be worth asking a few pertinent questions too i.e. what property portals do they list your house for sale on?

Spruce up your property:
You may not think it, however there are hundreds of things you can do to give your property that new feel and appearance. How about replacing the outdated tiles in the kitchen, or installing a new door, or maybe even something as simple as decluttering and moving the items you don’t use on a daily basis into the attic?

Sprucing up your property prior to arranging viewing s can mean the difference between a sale and no sale at all and all it takes is a little bit of time.

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Take some great pictures:
Have you ever browsed online for a property to rent or buy? What is the one feature of the ads you are reviewing that you pay most attention to? It’s obvious, the photographs of the property.

Make sure your photographs stand out – consider even getting them professionally taken; as above, it can make the difference between a viewing and no viewing at all. It may also be worth looking at less conventional options, like aerial photography of your property, to really make your listing stand out.

Create competition and incentives for agents:
The best way to sell a house is to have a motivated agent trying to sell it on your behalf – offer them an extra percentage cut on the total sale of your property. What’s more, most real estate agents will try and tie you into a 12 week contract – it’s really not necessary, four weeks is more than enough time to get a feel for how well they are going to perform. If they don’t get anywhere by then then simply drop them in favour of another estate agent, and let them know this is your intention!

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