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Holiday Fun

I remember my first experience of a foreign country vividly. I had stepped onto the tourist operators’ bus that was transferring us to the resort, and the holiday rep’s first words after introducing herself were “Beware of the Turkish trots.” As you can imagine, that didn’t leave an awful lot to the imagination, however there were a number of points that were valid – perhaps had they been made a little more articulately, people would have listened.

What are the best ways for keeping yourself healthy when you visit a foreign land?

Water Trouble

Use the tap water for nothing other than washing and bathing in. I wouldn’t even use it to brush teeth, personally, but that is up to you. You most certainly don’t want to drink it, as it has the potential to make you very ill indeed.

The reason is that a lot – not all, but a lot – of water in overseas countries is so-called “hard” water. This means that a lot of minerals have not been filtered out and could make you ill. Not terminally ill to the point of needing to go to the hospital usually, but ill enough that it will ruin your holiday. Use bottled water for drinking and brushing your teeth at all times.

Navigating Restaurants

How often have you eaten what you thought was a beautiful paella recipe when on holiday and thought you will have to make that when you get home, only to be struck down with illness 24 hours later?

Unless you are certain that the seafood and other particular elements of dishes are fresh, then avoid them at all costs. Some restaurants have even been known to put things such as rice leftovers back into pans to serve to other people as a means of saving money.

Your resort guide should be able to point you in the right direction of the best restaurants, and many that are worth avoiding.

Watching the Roads

In some holiday resorts, the roads resemble nothing more than a free for all. It is quite common for the people of many countries to pay little regard to traffic signals or other traffic laws, and this can make navigating the roads in an unfamiliar place difficult and intimidating.

Instead of hiring a car, use a tour guide, or take guided excursions wherever possible, and only cross the road in places you are certain it is safe to do so.

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