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Many people will agree that life can get unexpectedly rough and challenge their natural optimism. While it is understandable to get discouraged at times, there are ways to stay positive and continue enjoying life despite various struggles.

How to Stay Passionate About Life Through The Most Difficult Times

Count Your Blessings

This timeless clich√© reminds us that all is not lost. Whenever we find ourselves in difficult times, we usually still enjoy many good things that should not be overlooked. Housing, food, transportation, income, friends, and family are just some of the positives we can be thankful for. Even if you don’t have all of these, you probably have some and maybe others not mentioned here. Look around and appreciate what you have. You may discover resources and benefits that could make a bleak situation better.

Take a Different Perspective

It is easy to get into a groove and see life the same way, day after day. When trouble comes, we are so used to the same outlook that we lack creativity in managing our trials. Try envisioning a different outlook. Imagine new ways of dealing with adversity that you have not used before. Come up with two or three options that you can consider and possibly implement to try for good results.

Try Something New

When life has you feeling jaded, you might need to revive your spirit by doing something new. It might be as simple as taking a longer route to work that avoids the highway rush hour. Or, you might take an adventurous approach and try a completely new activity like a skydive experience. Spend a long weekend at a ranch or volunteer at a food bank. You will see a new slice of life that can expand your thinking and increase your zest for life.

Encourage Someone Else

In times when you begin to feel down, reach out to others, not asking for help or pity, but rather offering encouragement and hope. Many of us struggle with daily circumstances that are tough to handle. Hearing from someone who is going through a similar situation and offers kind words or a helpful suggestion can make a huge difference in our lives. Studies show that being generous and kind to others can make us feel better as well.

An old saying claims “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Don’t let life wear you down. Take a look around, enjoy what you have, try something new, and help others, and you will be encouraged, too.