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One of the best things about warm weather is the opportunity to head out in a boat or RV and enjoy the great outdoors. Of course, the season eventually ends and it’s time to put away your toys until spring. Proper storage of boats and RV’s will keep them in good condition mechanically and cosmetically, ensuring that next season’s use will be as trouble-free as possible. Here are four tips for making your winter storage a success.

How to Store Your Boat or RV During Winter Months

Maintain Mechanics First

No motorized vehicle should be parked for a long period of time without proper preparation. The fuel tank should never be partly full when the vehicle is parked. Instead, you should either completely fill the tank and add fuel stabilizer or run the engine until the tank is empty. It’s also important to check tires for leaks and to change the oil if needed.

Thoroughly Clean Everything

Storage is a wonderful environment for corrosion and mold, which are two of the biggest enemies of your vehicle. Upholstery that becomes infested with mold and mildew during the winter may be difficult or impossible to clean in the spring. Moisture trapped in storage can also cause rust of vehicle components. Avoid these problems by thoroughly cleaning your RV, your boat, and its trailer before storing it, and make sure it’s dry all over before sealing it up.

Store Accessories Properly

Don’t get fooled into thinking that the work is done when the vehicle itself is stored. Remember that there are add-ons to protect through the winter as well. These can include campsite supplies, fishing gear, life vests, and so forth. Invest in a good aluminum trailer storage box to keep everything together and properly secured until it’s time to roll things back out in the spring.

Pay It a Visit

No matter how well you store your boat or RV, it’s worth your time to drop in and check on it periodically. Loose tarps and covers can be readjusted to keep the elements out. If a tire begins to go flat, you can air it up before it goes all the way down and damages the sidewalls. You can also shoo away invaders like mice, birds, and pets to keep your vehicle clean.

It’s always sad when you have to put away your boat or RV for the winter, but it’s important to do it right. With good preparation and storage, everything will be ready for another season of fun next year.