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Come rain or shine joggers are always out there, plodding the streets and parks of Britain.

Whether it’s to lose weight, stay in shape for a sport or simply for fun – jogging is engrained into the human psyche.

Humans might have been running since they grew legs but does that mean we know how to do it well. Modern living, laziness and simple stubbornness often means we are not getting the best cardio benefits from our running training (

Well done on making it over the initial pain of starting to jog. Here are some tips to bear in mind if you want to take your running to the next level…

–       Stretch

It might sound obvious but always stretch before you begin your training. Your muscles will be more responsive and able to sustain greater effort. Stretching also helps prevent you causing an injury that could ruin your training schedule.

–       Breathe

Oxygen is your fuel – make sure you get as much as possible. Pushing yourself too hard will result in you not maximising your intake and becoming tired and fatigued. Try and stick to a breathing rhythm and slow down if your pattern becomes erratic.

–       Team work

Jogging can be a lonely pursuit so running with others helps alleviate boredom and amplify training time. The double-edged sword of peer pressure and motivational support often helps runners push on to the next level. If you don’t want to run with friends then check your local area for a jogging group to join.

–       Improve your strength

Not only will you be working on your beach body but you will be able to run for longer without becoming fatigued. A series of low rep-high weight training sessions a few nights a week will have you feeling and seeing the benefits in no time.

–       Mental strength

Often the problems joggers have in reaching the next level are mental rather than physical. Confidence is crucial in pushing yourself on and increasing your running training distance. Short-term, tangible goals are vital in pushing your body through the pain barrier and becoming an accomplished runner.

Mind over matter, as they say.

–       Improve your technique

Running like a 5 year-old might feel fun but it won’t help you progress in your training. Don’t crouch or slouch – you want your body to be as streamlined as possible. Avoid taking heavy strides and try and land on the mid-part of your foot.

–       Always warm down

Trust us – your body will thank you in the morning. Not only does stretching after a run help remove lactic acid, it improves your overall flexibility and cardio benefits, and helps prevent any nasty running injuries.

What are the secrets to your jogging success?

Catherine Halsey writes for a digital marketing agency on a range of subjects. This article was written on behalf of Bupa Running.