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Are your kids being raised in a catholic household? Then it’s inevitable that they will be learning all about the rosary at one time or another. The rosary is a very powerful symbol in the catholic religion, but it can often be meant with some confusion by younger children. Here are some tips for helping you explain the rosary and all of its power to your catholic children.

How To Teach Your Kids About The Rosary

  1. Ask Questions
  2. One of the most important ways to talk to your children about the rosary is to begin by asking questions. Ask them if they know anything about the rosary already. Find out what the church may have taught them in Sunday school lessons or what they may have learned on their own. Make sure to clear up any confusion or misguided facts they may have about the rosary and address any questions they may have as well.

  3. Explain Its Significance
  4. A common mistake many individuals, especially those that are not catholic make is assuming the rosary is simply a piece of jewelry. However, true Catholics know that the rosary is so much more than a piece of jewelry.  It is viewed as a very holy piece of jewelry that Catholics pray upon. Review the history of the rosary with your children and teach them how to pray the rosary.

  5.  Review The Rosary Prayers
  6. There are said to be six major prayers used for praying the Rosary including The Sign of the Cross, The Apostles Creed, The Our Father, The Hail Mary, The Glory Be To The Father, and The Hail Holy Queen. Have your children become familiar with these to the point of memorization. However, make sure your children understand the significance of these prayers and why they are viewed with such high importance in the Catholic religion.

  7. Invited Them To Pray The Rosary With You
  8. Practice makes perfect and we learn from observance. When your children see that you are praying the rosary they will quickly learn how to do it on their own. Try to explain the steps of the rosary to them as you go through it and be sure to answer any questions they may have. Say it slowly so that you children will have time to observe and learn at their own pace.

  9. Determine Whether They Are Ready For A Rosary Of Their Own
  10. Because of their holy significance, rosaries should be given out with caution. Consider how well your children understand its power. A rosary that is handled without care or worn merely as a piece of jewelry may be viewed as disrespectful or even offensive to Catholics. Only allow your children to have a rosary if you are sure they are old enough to understand it is to be used during times of prayer only. When you determine they are old enough to understand its significance, then opt to purchase a high-quality holy rosary for them to pray to.

Are you a catholic parent? Have you taught your children about the rosary yet? What do you feel is the best piece of advice when teaching catholic children about the rosary? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and suggestions!