How To Transform Your Home Into A Lady Magnet

Guys, I’m here to give you a helping hand with something. If you keep getting dumped and still can’t figure out why (I mean, you have good hair, you work out, you earn good money, etc) it may not be you she doesn’t like…

It may be your home that’s letting you down. You may love your bachelor pad. Question is, will she?

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I have just finished with a guy who practically lived in a building site. The hallway was rammed with ladders, open bags of cement, tools and wires, and the lounge was a total mess of paint pots, trestle tables, drills, hammers and nails on every available surface.

It was a complete turn off, to be honest. I did try and clear the room a few times to make a bit of space – but he couldn’t find anything, so he told me he preferred it how it was.

It took a tricky entanglement with a roll of wire and my leg to make my mind up. If this guy couldn’t get a shed or garage for his stuff, then he’d made his decision. I was off!

Here are my top 3 tips for having a pad that a chick will want to come back to, time and time again…

1.       Nice and tidy
How you keep your house could represent how you keep your woman. If you have mess everywhere, a filthy loo, dirty bed linen and a chaotic kitchen, this is not what women go for.

It also reeks of “little boy lost”, and indicates that you need a woman (or mother) to look after you – and this is NOT a good look, guys!

Organisation is better for you, you will look cool and in control of everything. Just one hour a week in total (it doesn’t have to be all at once – 10 minutes on the bathroom one day, 10 minutes on the kitchen the next) you could have a glistening bathroom and fresh sheets, which will impress any woman!

2.       Good wine rack
A wine rack is a fabulous feature that will certainly impress the ladies! But it’s no use empty lads, is it? Imagine how much it will boost your confidence when you offer the lady some wine, and you both are able to select it from your own collection! That sort of thing is priceless!

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Scour the supermarket every time you pop in and buy a decent bottle that’s on offer, or you could join a wine club and take advantage of their introductory offers, sometimes you can get 6 great bottles of plonk for £15.

Know which wine to serve with which food too – it’s a real turn-on! Just basic things – like what to have with cheese, fish, steak, or on its own. You’ll be irresistible!

3.       Have one good recipe under your belt
Once you’ve mastered the wine situation, don’t let your culinary skills let you down! Every man should have one signature dish that he can knock out – even if it’s as simple as a grilled steak,  baked fish or the humble spag bol.

No woman really wants to be with a man who can only cook toast. Being able to muster up a meal at the end of the day is a real winner.

Being master of your own kitchen is massively empowering and very sexy! Think Jamie Oliver, all the girls love him! If it’s tidy too, you will know where everything is and look really professional.  A modern appliance like an ice cream maker or a proper espresso machine really sets the men from the boys.

So, guys we’re not looking for pool houses or Ferrari’s here, but just a basic level of hygiene and a sense of care and pride would be nice.

If you’ve got any more tips to share with us, please do! What’s worked for you?



Elise Lévêque is a fun loving French writer who has been living in Britain for years after falling in love with a Geordie lad. She writes for David Salisbury who provide gorgeous extensions, conservatories, orangeries and more.

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