How To Treat Dark Circles And Bags Under Your Eyes

How To Treat Dark Circles And Bags Under Your Eyes

You feel alive, healthy and energetic, but your friends or officemates tell you look really tired. This irony is not only physically unfortunate, but also emotionally degrading. But, there’s nothing to worry about!

In just a few weeks’ time, you’ll get back your youthful look by saying goodbye to those nasty bags under your eyes and dark circles. Here are some tips on how to deal with your common problems regarding the skin around your eyes:

Say No to Salt
Salt is the number one culprit for eye puffiness. The reason behind this is that water transfers from body areas where there is low salt concentration to areas where there’s high salt concentration.

Always remember this principle: Where salt goes, water follows. This process is called osmosis.

So where do we get salt? Eating too much salty foods, especially during at night, causes morning-after eye puffiness, according to researchers.

Also, crying for long hours the night before will produce salt-containing tears. Therefore, to get rid of eye bags, eat less salty foods and try not to cry too much while watching tearjerker movies (this may prove to be a challenge)!

Treat Any Health Problems
Allergies and some diseases can cause eye bags and dark circles. Use over-the-counter allergy meds to be relieved of your allergic attacks.

Hay fever is one illness that’s commonly pinpointed as a leading cause of eye bags. Consult your doctor regarding the medications and other necessary medical procedures to treat hay fever.

Cold and sinus congestion also results to eye bags. To treat this, try using a neti pot to irrigate your nasal cavity, drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and use doctor-recommended medications.

Experiencing some psychological problems such as depression can also cause dark circles, so get appropriate help and support from a psychiatrist.

Consider Cosmetics and Laser Treatment
Eye puffiness and dark circles can be easily hidden from the eyes of other people using a variety of cosmetic products.

The most appropriate quick fix for eye bags and dark circles is a concealer. But, be careful on how much concealer you put on your skin as well as the colour of the concealer (must match your natural skin tone).

If the dark circles are hard to conceal, ask your dermatologist if a laser skin therapies such as Intense Pulse Light or IPL is suitable for you.

Change Your Habits
Start by changing your sleep position. Sleeping on your back helps prevent water from pooling in the skin around your eyes, whereas sleeping on the side or on your stomach hastens the pooling due to gravity, doctors say. Also, you may want to sleep with an extra pillow underneath your head so that the puffy eyes will be gone thanks to gravity.

When you wake up in the morning, stop yourself from rubbing your eyes. These weaken the skin around your eyes and make it prone to puffiness. In addition, remove your makeup before going to bed, especially your eye makeup so that the skin would be able to rest throughout the night.

Stop drinking alcohol. If you can’t, then don’t subject yourself to excessive drinking because alcohol drains the water from the skin around the eyes, causing dehydration and later, weakening of the skin and pouching / puffing of the skin under your eyes.

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