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How To Turn A Classic Gift Into A Unique Lifetime Treasure

One of the most timeless gifts a woman can receive is a piece of jewelry. Jewelry, if it is of high quality, will last her a lifetime. The lasting impression will leave her with fond memories of the person who gave her the item for years to come.

Diamond bracelets have long been one of these special items. Their class, high quality and timeless style make them the ideal gift for the woman who has everything but deserves so much. If you are looking for a gift for a very special person in your life, here are a few ideas to give one that will stand the test of time.

The following are a few varieties of this classic piece of jewelry that can send a lasting impression to a woman you love.

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  • Classic design – For a truly classic piece, give the look everyone can recognize and admire from up close or afar. The classic bracelet has stones all around in one single form so they stand out and shimmer, making the woman wearing it look classy and beautiful.
  • Romantic design – For a romantic connection, show your love through not only this romantic stone but also the symbol of a loving heart. Interlink these hearts to show your unbreakable love for the woman who will be wearing it.
  • Bezel set – For girls who like to turn classics into modern pieces, get a bezel set. The bezel design creates waves with small stones dispersed intermittently to give the same elegant look but with a modern twist to make it unique to her.
  • Bangle – For a simple style, stick with the bangle and add small stones around it. To dress it up, put some colored stones in with the pure look of the diamonds.
  • Bold single design – This timeless twist puts the diamonds at the center of the focus by displaying them in a single shape. For a romantic gift, give a band with nothing but a heart made from these small stones. If your gift is for a more motherly figure, give her a band with interlocking circles. To make this extra personal, give her one with a circle for every member of her immediate family.

The timelessness of this gift will not go unnoticed. Put some thought into which design you want to give and take the opportunity to turn a classic into a personal gift by using shapes to give extra meaning to the recipient.

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