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A blocked drain in your home is an immediate problem because not only will it likely lead to floods that can damage the flooring and walls of your home, but you will quickly notice a foul smell start to develop that will seem as if it is taking over your house.

Due to this fact, if you notice that a drain has become blocked the first thing you are going to want to do is find a place that offers drain rod hireso that you can take the drain rod back to your home and unblock the drain immediately.

It only takes a day for a blocked drain to become a major problem in a house, so you need to start immediately if you want to solve the problem. The very first thing that you are going to need is the drain rod, and while you are out to pick up the rod you will also want to stop by the DIY store and purchase some PVC gloves or other durable gloves to help protect your hands.  Once you get home, you can begin the process by taking off the manhole cover and getting to the root of the problem.

If the hole that you working with is very small, or if there is limited lighting then you may also want to see if you can get a drain camera, this will help you see where the blockages are so that you can make sure you completely remove them and do not just tunnel through them, because later you will have to deal with the same problems again if you do this. After all, while you have the equipment it is best to take care of the problem in one session.

Next you will want to take the drain rodand screw the pieces together so that it will reach far enough along the piping. Some blockages may be near the top and clearly visible, but if a pipe has blocked there is a good chance that there are more blockages formed down the piping system. There is also a high chance that there is more residue that will potentially block in the near future, so once again you want to make sure you remove all potential problems at once.

Finally, you want to push the drain rodalong the piping system with a large amount of force so that all residue and dirt is loosened up. Depending on how severe the blockage is, you may have to exert a great deal of physical force.

Of course, your reward will be that the pipe is going to be clean afterwards. After you finish breaking through any blocks in the drain make sure you flush the pipe out thoroughly with water so that the pipe is cleaned and there is no residue left to form a future blockage once you close everything back up.

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