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How would you like to embellish your home in some simple yet elegant ways? There are many angles you can take to update or redecorate your home without spending a fortune. You can also brighten a dull or small room with a few easy tricks and not have your wallet hurting afterward. It just takes a little creativity, some trips out at thrift, craft, and discount stores, and some time.

Don’t Be Jealous

If you’ve ever walked into someone else’s house and wished it could be your own, there are probably specific reasons beyond the sizes of the room or the quality of the flooring that have you so impressed. So much about the charm of a room relies directly on the elements that bring that room together. That is, the accents themselves may be even more important than what your couch looks like, although if you’re looking to upgrade your furniture to achieve a classier or artsier look, you have many options in that department as well. Short of going to IKEA and buying various pieces of furniture that might not last you that long, your local Goodwill or Salvation Army will have great furniture, often quite brand new or lightly used, that would be a great replacement for your worn-out, ripped couch or dilapidated arm chair. If you’re going the route of replacing furniture, the accessorizing of the room will fall into place based on the style and color of your furniture.

While Keeping Old Furniture

Even if you keep your old furniture or maybe replace it with similarly conventional pieces, you can still style your room with slightly updated arts and crafts creations. For example, if you’re on the conservative, traditional side and want a prairie look with quilts and framed crafts and the like, accessorizing will probably be based on your own craft work or the craft work of others. However, if you want to refresh your stock of crafty items, consider the website Etsy, which caters to crafters and fans of homemade goods. You can find a ton of throwback craft pieces for reasonable prices on the site. Some of these items are old school with a modern twist, too, so if you want that subtle update for your mainly traditional home, you’d be looking in the right place. Even something as simple as a traditional light fixture upcycled and reworked to include some unusual, funky, crafty elements could totally transform your mainly straight-laced room.

Having Accent Items

If you are keeping your old furniture or are investing in some modern style pieces from a thrift store, your accent items can be as simple as picture frames, vases, and mirrors. Something like woodtone mirrors from Victorian Frame Company or gold mirrors from Victorian Frame Company will automatically brighten a room and make it appear bigger. Even funky-shaped vases from a place like Marshall’s, filled with glass craft pebbles or unconventionally-colored silk flowers from the 99 Cents Store will modernize your room and add that artsy element you desire.

Eric Blair writes about interior design, particularly baedroom design with various mirrors similar to the ones at OARM Mirrors.