How To Wear Pearls Right

How To Wear Pearls Right

Jewellery can either make or break an outfit! It is important that you know exactly how to wear jewellery so that it can make you and your outfit look superb. One of the more difficult pieces of jewellery to wear has be pearls, but no matter how much fashion changes, pearls will always fit in perfectly. As long as you know exactly how to wear pearls and what to wear them with then you will be fine! As there is such a variety of different pearls available out there to wear, it is important that you choose the right pearls to go with the right outfit. You can choose pearls as part of fashion jewellery to make a statement on their own or you could choose to match pearls up to complete a delicate outfit.


If you are the type of person that loves keeping up with the latest fashion trends, and don’t enjoy spending too much money on one piece of jewellery then you are best off choosing fashion pearls. There is such a variety of fashion pearls available for you to wear, you can get them in a variety of different colours, styles and even mixed in with different types of jewellery. You can style these types of pearls with almost any outfit; you can pair them up with a pair of skinnies and a tee shirt or even with a nice skater style dress.


Delicate pearls look amazing with a beautiful sleek dress. You should choose a white pearl necklace to go with a gorgeous dress. Whether your dress is black or a neutral colour, white pearls will look lovely with it and will really set the dress off. Having a simple delicate white pearl necklace will really make a statement.


A traditional gift which is given to most women on their wedding day is a gift of pearls; this is because it represents purity. Pearls are the most beautiful piece of jewellery to wear on a girls wedding day and should be your first choice. You could choose from a breathe taking white pearl necklace which will go with your glowing white dress. You should choose your jewellery to go with the style of the dress which you have, if you have quite a big statement dress, you will probably want to head away from wearing a necklace. If this is the case then you should probably pair your dress up with a beautiful pearl bracelet and a stunning pearl hair piece.

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