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Getting on Online
These days, the Internet has become more of an integral part of our lives and something that most of us use every day. We now use it to shop for the best deals, file our taxes, book our holidays and even find a partner.

Online dating is becoming a more commonplace way to meet people and these days it is very likely that you know someone who has met their significant other on the internet. Dating sites allow you to seek out people with similar interests to you so that you can connect and begin chatting. If you end up liking each other, you can make arrangements to meet up in person.

A Guide to Dating
When you start online dating, the first thing you will need to do is to write a profile to describe yourself to your potential dates. You want to advertise your best assets, while still being honest about yourself. It can be difficult to write about yourself in an online profile, so here are some tips:

First of all, be honest. If you claim to be a champion skier and your date later finds out that you can barely make it down the smallest ski run, they won’t trust you. Be careful not to exaggerate your abilities. On the other hand, don’t be too humble. Confidence is attractive, so make sure you show off what you are good at.

Get Personal
Show off your personality and celebrate the things that make you unique. Include information about your interests; whether you are into painting, gardening, boating, playing the guitar or carpentry. Be specific. Rather than simply saying that you like movies or music, list the specific musicians and films that inspire you. Don’t leave out important information, such as your age and whether or not you have children. This will help you connect with people who are interested in meeting you.

Changing Faces
Write in the same way you talk. Let your personality shine through in your writing.

Baggage Handling
Leave the baggage out. Your dating profile is not the place to have an angry rant at your ex or to ramble on about your insecurities. Those things might come out later when your partner knows you better, but if they come out at the beginning they will scare people away.

These are just a few things to keep in mind for writing an online dating profile which will get people interested and help you find that special someone online.

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