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There has never been a better incentive than now to get your business on a greener path. By embracing technology that promotes greater sustainability, businesses are slashing operational costs, growing their client base, and reducing their carbon footprint.
When most people think of “going green” they almost always think of solar energy. But electricity is not the only utility that a business needs to keep down. Water usage adds up. By embracing a green plumbing system businesses can enjoy numerous benefits. Continue reading to learn how an environmentally friendly solution to your plumbing can save you money, and possibly even draw in some extra business.

How can plumbing be green?
Water conservation is huge. Not only can conserving water reduce utility costs, it is good for the environment. By utilizing storm water retention techniques, rain gardens, cisterns and water catchment systems, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint. For example, a water cistern is an alternative to utilizing the sewage system. Instead of water being sent into the city’s main plumbing where it can flood and where it undergoes chemical treatment, water is filtered through the ground on your property and is released to local streams, rivers and lakes. This helps promote a healthy ecosystem for wildlife, and aids to the enjoyment of those who partake in recreational water activities like fishing and waterskiing. Plumbing by Jim Dandy and other similar green plumbing professionals can be easily found online. These companies also stand out as educators who help businesses learn how utilizing such products can offer huge returns.

Public image is everything when it comes to brand management. And let’s face it; no company wants to contact the media for a press conference to defend themselves against negative publicity. In an article on green business practices the author reminds readers that environmental organizations are taking stands against companies they deem environmentally careless. In fact Greenpeace has an entire research department that hunts down such businesses and they will create bad publicity for them with the support of thousands of environmentalists. This article is not trying to paint an image of Greenpeace as a bunch of “witch hunters”, but nonetheless instances will happen in which they point their fingers at those who could be doing a little more for Mother Nature.

Here’s a solution: Invest in a rain catchment system. Harvesting rainwater is a great way to save on your utility, and promote your business as being environmentally friendly. The way it works is simple: these systems connect your gutters to a large water tank capable of holding 100,000 liters or more of water. These systems are very cost-efficient and are used by numerous types of businesses. This water can be used for drinking, watering the grounds, washing things and any other use you can think of.

Promote your business
People love to support eco friendly businesses. By advertising in-house and via social media that you are a green company that proudly supports your city’s ecosystem and its surrounding natural resources, you will stand ahead of your competition. In addition to earning the business of the green consumer, you may even qualify for a tax credit by using eco friendly plumbing solutions. It is a true win / win.