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Regular travellers are well aware of the benefits of travel insurance. They hardly risk stepping out of the country without adequate protection on their trips abroad, of course making sure that the policy has a wide coverage, protecting the policy holder against most common threats encountered on such occasions. There is always a possibility of people embarking on their travel adventures without an insurance due to so many different reasons – some of the reasons could be over-enthusiasm while preparing for the trip, travel plans falling in place right at the last minutes leaving hardly any time to think about a travel insurance, or it could be possible that you do not really appreciate the need for a travel insurance.

Unless it is a deliberate decision against buying a travel insurance policy, the lapse is correctible. Travellers can buy or renew select travel policies even when they are out of the country; the only requirement is that they will have to indicate their location.

Holidays and Injuries
Getting injured or hurt during the holiday period is quite common and need not necessarily be related to being involved in serious accidents or being hospitalised for days together, although that possibility cannot be ruled out totally. Holiday accident claims allow travellers to deal with injuries sustained while holidaying abroad.

From the basic trip or slip and fall injuries sustained at the hotels and pool sides, to those faced during adventure activities and mishaps that occur while travelling by plane, land vehicles or ships – injuries come in several different forms and magnitudes. Unfortunately, the costs associated with treating such injuries abroad are quite huge, making it quite difficult for any individual to manage expenses without the assistance of an appropriate insurance policy.

Uninsured? Here’s what to do!
While the trauma of the accident or injury itself may be quite difficult to deal with, costs are sure bound to be a cause for concern, especially when the victim is uninsured. However, travellers may resort to professional personal injury service providers to deal with claims associated with injuries sustained during such trips or holidays.

These service providers often rely on a team of qualified personal injury lawyers, who are experienced in dealing with accidents that occur overseas. They are fully aware of the prevalent regional laws on such cases, and will be able to file a claim in the courts of UK against the appropriate entities, be it the tour operators, their insurers or the employers of the drivers involved in the accident and so on.

If travellers are not at fault or not fully responsible for the accident, these claims often help them recover the actually amount spent on medical treatment, apart from compensations for the pain sustained, as well as other losses arising from change of travel plans. Travellers involved in serious accidents often do have extended their stay on the foreign location, and also lose out on their regular income, not being able to resume work until fit again.

Irrespective of whether the outing is a business trip, group travel or a family holiday – travel insurances help bear the financial strain of being hurt while on an overseas trip. Though personal injury services do provide comprehensive help and support in clearing foreign travel accident claims, travellers should make sure that all document evidence such as copies of police complaints, medical records, and payment receipts are procured to support their claims whenever possible.

Travellers should also realise that their travel insurance policy may not cover all possible expenses associated with overseas accidents. In which case, personal injury services will provide the necessary respite from all additional expenses incurred during the recovery process.

Although it may now be possible to claim compensations for injuries sustained while holidaying abroad even without insurance, travellers will have to take adequate precautions to stay safe on their holiday trips.

Thomas Edwards has been an international traveller since the early ‘80s and has widely covered Europe, the USA and as far afield as Thailand, Hong Kong and China.  He has written as both a business, individual and family traveller and a language or two has given him the opportunity to engage with people to a greater degree.