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An athlete is always on the go. Apart from all the clothing, sport accessories to be used in the respective sport, a body hygiene kit is extremely important. You should never leave your house without it. This holds importance as your skin may be sensitive or you may have a personal preference or your skin may be used to a certain brand which may not be available in that country. Whatever be the reason, carrying your own body hygiene kit makes sense. Here are some ideas for packing hygiene travel kits for athletes.

Hygiene Travel Kits For Athletes

Shower Gel

You need a shower gel every day. What must be taken into account is the type of ingredients present in it. Does it contain any antimicrobial agent? This is so because you never know what can happen next at that place. A skin infection, a cut, bruise anything is possible. Add loofah and body wipes to the kit. While the former aids in removing the dead skin (it is required more by women athletes who play games like beach volleyball, swimming etc.), the latter is good for quick fixes or wiping off dirt or sweat without worrying about skin infections. Normal wipes aren’t very useful here as athletes need to miniaturize their skin and protect themselves from microbes simultaneously.


Only you know your skin better and what will help it stay in top form. Hence, choose the antibacterial body soap for skin that helps your skin. Some hygiene kits even offer you a soap dish, if yours doesn’t, buy one. The one provided to you at the hotel may or may not be hygienic and you cannot compromise your health for some petty negligence by hotel staff.

A Salve

Having an active life can have its downsides. So carry a salve with you, always. As an athlete, you are susceptible to a variety of skin issues like cuts, burns, and scrapes. A good salve has all the necessary ingredients to curb infectious bacteria, fungi and virus. This also ensures that if you get a ringworm or herpes sore, it will be kicked out at the very first instant and not allowed to grow to undesirable limits.
Whatever kit you are using, it must be free of harmful compounds such as petrochemical compounds, sulfate, triclosan or sodium lauryl.

Also Don’t Forget the Following:

Pack more than one pair of shoes. You won’t get time to air your shoes and wearing the same every day is bad for your feet. Carry at least two, so that you can alternate them. Pack enough pair of socks – air wicking ones only.

Medicine Travel Kit

How can you forget this? You may be allergic to something and the country you travel to may or may not be known to you. So, in such circumstances, you may end up buying an over-the-counter drug banned for the athletes. Don’t take that risk. Carry your own medicine kit. A small pouch with all the necessary medicines is the right thing to do.

With all these things, you are ready to go.