I Can See The Moon At College

I Can See The Moon At College

Now this may sound very strange when I say that for all my years on planet Earth I had not really looked at the moon at night. I was totally ware it was there and I was of course knowledgeable enough to know that man had been there. But it held no amazement for me and I just took it for granted. Maybe it did not help that I was living in New York and I never really had the urge to lay down and look up.

That all changed when I arrived in my new college here on the outskirts of Denver. The college is big but it is so positioned in the beautiful countryside. There is something so relaxing doing essay editing as you sit on green grass and look at the nature sprawled before you. Again something mostly in New York I would not be able to do.

A few weeks ago I stayed outside listening to my IPod and reading and enjoying the weather. I also fell asleep and this was not down to drink, it was just down to being so relaxed. When I decided to move I was astonished to open my eyes and to see the moon staring right back at me. Nope I was not taking drugs either.

I stared and looked at all the details and the slight orange glow it was giving. I was lost in the act of watching when I heard someone sneeze a few yards away from me. It was a girl from college who was also sitting alone. She asked me if I had found the moon beautiful? I had to admit I really did.

Liza was her name. We both walked back to college through the glows of moonlight and it was such a romantic stroll that we both ended up in her room for the night. The moon had found me a girlfriend in college. If I had not been starring at such a marvel I would have not been in the relaxed mood to enjoy the company of Liza. We have now been together for five months.

Once a month we both produce a sort of picnic with wine and sit outside the college grounds late at night and look up at the moon. The glow seems to be just for us and the result is always the same. A little talk about college, and our essay editing assignments followed by a cuddle and a kiss to make the evening end in the most perfect way.

John Grasen has never had a romantic bone in his body until the moon shone on him one special night.

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