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At least three times a year men all over the globe have the dreadful realisation – “oh no it’s (insert special event here) and I don’t know what to get her”. Everyone has had this though but before you resort to going straight to the nearest jewellery show consider putter her together a gift basket filled with personal presents. Buying a collection of smaller presents relieves a lot of pressure as each present has lower expectations associated with it. Read through the present ideas below and appear much less clueless than you actually are.


A framed photo is okay, but it’s a little easy. When it comes to presents most people appreciate time spent more than anything else. So why not personalise a photo-album? Simply find a collection of cutesy photos (if you don’t have any check your Facebook profile), get a blank book and get sticking. The more personal you make the album the more she will appreciate it, so personal messages are completely encouraged. If your short for cash you can make a picture-slideshow accompanied with her favourite music.

Chick-Flicks and Music

You may come to regret it when you’re watching “Dirty Dancing” for the 8th time but buying 3 or 4 of your girlfriends favourite chick-flicks will appear like a very personal present. When you come to searching remember that the more romantic the better. Similarly, getting your girlfriend her favourite band’s new album is a great way to show her that you are paying attention and it’s almost guaranteed that she will love her gift.

A Plush Animal

I know what your thinking – “my girlfriend isn’t 7”, but don’t get too cynical on the idea just yet. A plush animal can be a fantastic personal touch – especially if she has a favourite animal. As well as being personal it provides your loved one with a good night-time reminder of you, you should consider naming it for her, to make the association stronger.

A Book

If your girlfriend reads at all then a book is a perfect gift, again she will know you have paid attention and thought about her gift. If she doesn’t have a favourite author then there are still plenty of reliable and obvious female friendly books to choose from.


Taking your loved one away or to an event is my personal favourite gift, as it is the easiest to personalise and the fun you will have for a trip will not be forgotten anytime soon. Reliable places to go are: the zoo, the theatre, the beach, a big city or a spa.

Written by Jacob Catt on behalf of yourgiftbasket specialist providers of gift baskets to suit Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any other special event.