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With a reputation for being a little bit run down and ever so slightly on the sleazy side, for a number of years Kings Cross was not quite on the tourist route of the city, But then things do change and progress is made. All it takes is for a few of the right people to move into an area for the tide to turn and the scales to tip in its favour.

That’s exactly what has happened in Kings Cross over the past couple of decades. A few creative types moved into the area to take advantage of the cheap rents and they were able to turn the whole feel of the place into something completely new and exciting. Where they led, others followed and it is now one of the most exciting places in the whole Southern hemisphere.

There’s still an element of the sleazy underbelly around, but just enough to make it authentic and exciting without it being off-putting. After all, no one wants it to be completely sanitised and free of its naughty side – that’s all part of the appeal.

If You’re A Backpacker Kings Cross, Sydney Is The Place To Stay

In Kings Cross you can still see some pretty strange sites and experience things you just won’t find elsewhere in Sydney. The nightlife is a diverse mix of bars, clubs and venues that provide a little bit of everything, no matter what your style or inclination.

Try bars like The Bourbon and the Sugarmill for a classic taste of the area. Or simply wander round the Kings Cross – Darlinghurst area and soak up the atmosphere. For any backpacker Kings Cross is ideal because of the wealth of affordable accommodation in the area. With top hostels offering cheap beds. You can save a bit of cash to spend on having some great nights out.

Ask at the reception of your hostel and they should be able to point you in the direction of some places to suit what you’re looking for. It’s also a great place for making friends, so if you’re travelling in a small group or on your own, you can find like-minded people to share your travelling tales with.

Of course, there is plenty to do in Sydney besides – it is after all one of the world’s best cities. But make sure you spend some quality time in KC.