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Mobile technologies are the order of the day today and one can see wireless networks working at many places that include hospitals, airports, schools and universities, and even shopping malls. Wireless networks have become essential in this age and times of super fast communication technologies. Hewlett and Packard is a giant multinational company that is one of the pioneers in implementing wireless networks. In fact, it is the only vendor that can provide an all inclusive IT infrastructure that includes a data centre, a storage facility, server, wireless network, and the necessary security products. This is the reason why educational institutions prefer to go in for HP ASE wireless networks rather than any other company’s network. In such a scenario,it is only natural for students to get certified from HP in wireless networking as this qualification validates their skills in networking to the prospective employer.Any organization having a wireless network in work place is more than happy to give job to a candidate with HP wireless certification.
Implementing And Troubleshooting HP Wireless Networks

HP Provides Certifications to Individuals to Validate their Skills in Wireless Networking

With more and more organizations going in for wireless network implemented and maintained by HP, it only makes sense for students and young executives desirous of a career in networking to undergo training and certification from HP. HP realizes the need to validate the skills of these individuals and has introduced several training courses to fulfill the requirements of the industry. Implementing and Troubleshooting HP Wireless Networks is one of the networking courses from HP that imparts the skills and the technical knowledge to individuals to be able to implement, repair, and maintain a wireless network at the work place.It also teaches students how to integrate a new wireless network with solutions from HP to an existing wired network. You get introduced to the wireless networking tools made by HP and their use in designing and maintaining a wireless network at work place.

Entry Level and Advanced Level Wireless Networking Courses

The course content of this wireless networking course from HP includes imparting knowledge in 802.11 standards, WPA2, AES, architecture and repair of wireless networks with the help of tools from HP, etc. This is an entry level wireless networking course. If you are a senior level executive in a company that has installed a wireless network, you can go Certs Home in for HP ASE which is an advanced course designed to fulfill the requirements of wireless networks implementer. A certification of HP ASE is enough to certify that the individual is fully capable of implementing and troubleshooting complex wireless networks. If you have this certification,it is enough to tell your prospective employer that you have the ability to design a wireless network using HP products and integrating it with an existing wired network at the workplace.

The increasing pace at which organizations around the world are going in for wireless networks using HP products, it is prudent for you to get HP wireless certification today. You are viewed as an expert in using wireless networking tools and designing such networks.