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Whether a demolition is commercial, industrial or residential, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandates that every demolition project entails a detailed engineering survey to identify any potential structural weaknesses. This careful planning avoids injuries, fires, cave-ins and unforeseen falling trajectories. Although laws in different states vary, Commercial demolition Utah contractors must meet local, state and federal guidelines.

Implementing Green Practices For Commercial and Residential Demolition Projects

Today, Demolition contractors Utah companies use a variety of advanced equipment for demolition projects. Triple-boom long-stick excavators can reach heights as tall as 80 feet. Both rugged and flexible, this demolition equipment is equipped with transport joints that allows for the job to take less time. It’s also eco-friendly and burns less fuel while reducing congestion on the street. These long reach excavators also have grapple and crusher attachments and offer more precision for tight jobs than the old standby wrecking ball.

The modern concrete crushers are also green demolition equipment used by commercial demolition Utah contractors. Thousands of tons of concrete can be recycled with this demolition equipment. Once a structure is torn down, the concrete slabs are run through the crushers and grinded into small chunks. These small chunks can be used for pipe bedding, road compaction, structural fill and many other applications.

Crushers, hammers and shears are all part of the specialty processing equipment used by demolition contractors Utah companies. This equipment has state-of-the-art technology to process scrap materials more efficiently. With powerful magnets, scrap metal can be gathered quickly for recycling. With high efficiency, this demolition equipment reduces labor hours and overall costs for the demolition project.

Many of the commercial demolition Utah contractors offer services for asset recovery, industrial demolition, commercial demolition, scrap metal demolition, steel processing, building demolition and concrete crushing. With asset recovery, businesses can turn resources into positive capital to help reduce the costs of the demolition project. Whether through reclamation, resale or reuse, cash can be made from steel, machinery, generators, hardwood flooring and much more.

Industrial demolition projects are very complex and require tasks with surgical precision. The commercial demolition Utah contractors handle all types of industrial demolitions, such as water towers and factories. Typical services include crushing concrete, processing steel, removing hazardous material and the restoration of contaminated sites. While many commercial demolition Utah contractors focus on businesses, some do offer residential building demolition. With precision tools, demolition contractors can remove buildings from tight spaces.

If you’re in need for demolition services, BTS Wrecking and Demolition offers expert services. With years of experience in commercial, industrial, government and residential demolition projects, BTS has Utah contractors that will expertly evaluate the site and implement the best technique for each project. Their experts take into account the structure, surrounding environment and safety. With careful preparation, each demolition is executed professionally and successfully. You can also expect that BTS will take care of and remove all debris after the demolition, such as trees and utility lines. From demolition to clean up, BTS takes care of it all, so you‘ll left only with a flat and clear space.

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