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Blogging is an experience, which is catching on quite fast in the online world. SEO is an integral part of blogging. This helps to publicize the blog and allows it to achieve a rank of its own in search engines. Optimizing the blog is a major criterion for getting considerable traffic from search engines. There are many tricks as well as tips to have a blog optimized for Google and many other search engines. It is important that one knows how to apply them in a blog properly and make it a trustworthy tool for the search engines. Custom Robots Header Tags are one such methods of popularizing the blog.

These tags denote finding the web crawling Robot of Google. These search engine bots have to be guided to move on the blogs. These help to prevent indexing of pages and labels that are not important thus keeping the blog away from matters like duplicate content. Again, if you have just started blogging, then remember that the post titles that you share are not search engine friendly. One has to adjust the blog template to the requirement of the search engine and alter the title a little. When you make changes to the post titles, you will automatically get traffic.

Important On Page SEO Tips For Making Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

How Good Images Help Blogs to Get Popular

Images depict a thousand words in one shot. Relevant images help to describe the content better. Images are a great way of improving the presentation of the blog and help to get that bit of extra traffic that would catapult your blog to recognition. Images make the blog attractive and spiders in the web like colour. Once tthis is done focus on the internal links. These are very important and link the various aspects of the blog internally. This helps to increase the page views and puts your blog well up the ranks in the search engine. Make sure you are not repeating the mistake.

Submission to Search Engines

This is one of the most crucial parts of a blog. Get your blog optimized and submit the blog in the Google Webmaster Tool. This gives the blog an index in Google. This also helps in other issues in regular blogging like HTML improvements, broken links etc. Make sure you have a sitemap where your ownership of the blog would be endorsed. Once this is done, you might encounter problems of loading with your blog. Visitors do not have the patience to see a blog taking a long time to load. This could create a bounce rate for your blog, which will reduce the value. So you have to optimize the blog loading time.

Other Simple Ways of Optimizing the Blog

Besides what has been mentioned, there are other simple ways to optimize a blog. For example, make sure that you do not have unnecessary Java Script Codes in your blog. Also, remember to reduce all the social media buttons and widgets. Unwanted widgets reduce the blog speed so take off the widgets that you do not need. Make sure that the dimensions that you give to the images in the posts are proper. This could ensure a speed in the blog. Social media buttons also can be controlled.

In this manner keeping the blog traffic steady is possible only with the help of simple techniques so try them out and enjoy blogging.

Author bio: Ben Smith is a SEO expert in NY who works in a reputed SEO firm there. He expertise in On page SEO and has brilliantly done his job for more than hundred blogs to help achieve them top rankings in search engines.