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The most important thing about your wedding is the venue. Forget about the food, drinks and other things; it is not until you get it wrong with the venue that you’re in serious trouble. The venue accommodates the guests, contains all your designs and themes, and it represents everything about your wedding. Now that you know how important the venue is to your wedding, it is relevant that you find ways to get the one that is right for you. Ready with your shortlist of wedding venues? Here are a number of tips to consider before you make your final decision.

How Many People Are You Expecting
On the average there are approximately about 100 attendance to a wedding, but is better that you have a list that will provide the actual number. Know exactly how many people will be coming to your wedding in order to determine if the space will be enough to contain them for the reception, ceremony and the evening reception. If your invited guests are of limited number then you can confidently select a not-too-large venue that will help reduce your budget.

Don’t make decisions all by yourself; try to communicate with your spouse so the two of you can look through the options in other to make the right decision. This kind of communications is also important to establish common ideas as well as avoid any form disagreement in the future. You also need to talk to other people like family members and friends, making use of their own experiences too. Someone might have a great option better than all the ones on your list.

Decide On A Budget
You certainly need a budget. In fact, it is the first thing you must decide. This move will help you know the limit or boundary you can go as long as spending money is concerned. Putting a budget on the venue also ensures that you have enough resources to spend on other things like food, drink and possibly accommodation.

What Time Of The Year?
Why is this important? Well you know it snows a lot in the winter and the summer is characterized by plenty of sunlight; this means you might need to consider interior and exterior venues in winter and summer respectively. However, most weddings take place in the spring and summer, giving people you the chance to organize your wedding venues in a way that it will benefit a lot from the sunshine. But you’ll have to make use of shelters to protect the guests from the heat of the sunshine. If you’re wedding in the winter it will be wise for you to get a venue with fireplace and magic staircase.

If you’re going to accommodate your guests then it is important that you look for a venue with conductive accommodation. The venue should have sumptuous rooms, facilities and features that can compete with the ones in luxury hotels.

Where Are The Guests Coming From?
If you don’t want to incur additional expenses in taxi and vehicle transportation then you need to look for a venue close to where most of your guests are coming from, somewhere kind of central. This move will also help reduce or totally eliminate the cost of renting hotel or accommodation for your guests.

Seek Advice From Experts
This doesn’t mean you have to spend money hiring a professional. There are hundreds of websites online that offer expert advice, helping couples select the right venues suitable for their kind of wedding. All you need is to do some research online and you’ll be able to locate a number of sites that can give you good advice. Wedding planners can also help you make the right decision based on their wide experience with venues.

Sarah Roberts is a photographer who specialises in creating wedding photo albums and she believes that the venue plays an extremely important role in getting the right pictures.