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Improve Workplace Moral & Productivity with a Water Cooler

It goes without saying that water is the best source of hydration for human beings, I don’t think I’m breaking any new ground here…

What is also known is that dehydration can lead to headaches, tiredness and even dizziness in some instances. A recent BBC report into the effects of dehydration can be found here.

How productive would your workforce be whilst experiencing any of these symptoms?

The problem is that we are all busier than ever before, with higher expectations on work related performance and output it leads us to rush through the day leaving us with little time to properly refresh ourselves.

For most people remembering to bring their own drinks and refreshments into work with them is not always easy as there are often more important tasks to do first.

Even for those that do, bringing enough to sustain them throughout the working day is not always feasible.

Nobody wants to drink tap water either, it’s not the most purest forms of water and in some areas can be a cloudy and unappealing prospect.

The solution to this issue is to install a water cooler.

Water Coolers Increase Productivity

We have already mentioned the many health issues associated with dehydration, it kind of goes without saying keeping your staff hydrated is in your interests.

Providing a supply of chilled and filtered water which is accessible to staff throughout the day will encourage them to make use of it and both them and your business productivity levels will feel the benefits of increased hydration.

As a side benefit, studies also show that providing communal areas for staff to interact with other colleagues away from the immediate work environments can lead to increased morale and productivity.

Just a short break from their computer screens can help them remain focused on demanding tasks,  offering this free of charge will also score you some serious brownie points with your workforce.

To make things even easier you can now get machines which are mains fitted, this means that you don’t have to be tied in to bottled water purchases and have the associated hassles of storing them and managing deliveries.

Workplaces both large and small can benefit from increased staff morale and productivity and installing a water cooler is an easy and low cost way of achieving this.

Oh, and one final benefit….

You also get to use it yourself!

Darren Atkinson is a staff member at, one of the largest independent vending solutions providers in the UK.