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While the garage has historically done a great job of protecting your vehicle from the elements, today’s garages are used for much more than vehicle storage. In fact, some garages may have more of their space devoted to non-vehicle interests, such as workshops, workout spaces and other types of storage. Many homeowners value the functionality of their garage space, but when it comes to making the best use of this area, they often fall short.

Homeowners shouldn’t disregard innovations in the garage just because it is separated from the rest of the home. There are plenty of worthwhile upgrades to be made, and if you want to maximize your use of this space and turn it into an even better asset for your home, you can pick and choose the features that are most valuable to you.

Here are some garage DIY projects to jump-start your garage renovation.

Improve your floors

Concrete may be the standard for garage flooring, but it’s far from the best. Concrete can crack and stain, and it definitely doesn’t offer any eye appeal. You can change that in an afternoon by adding a coat of epoxy to the garage cement. This sealant will make spills much easier to clean, better all-around protection for your floors and it offers a gloss that will help your garage floor stand out even from the street.

Add additional storage

If you’re using your garage for storage of any kind — and most homeowners are — some additional storage can be a huge upgrade. Whether it’s built-in shelving units or organizers to fill them up, improved storage space will help you clear out clutter while better organizing your various items. Plus, extra storage will be a nice feature if you ever try to sell the house — storage is always a high priority for buyers.

High-tech gadgets

The traditional garage space may not offer much in the way of technology — other than the tools and cars you’re storing in that room — but some high-tech upgrades can make the garage far more functional. For example, state-of-the-art garage door openers can feature a keypad entry that allows you to open and close the garage securely from the outside, and even from the comfort of your car.

You can also trick out the garage’s interior with some simple tools to make everyday life easier. An air compressor, for example, can be used to pump up your car’s tires, as well as bike tires and athletic balls.

A workspace

It’s nice to have a workspace available to fix things, work on home improvement projects and take care of other handy work. Consider outfitting your garage with a workbench suited to your expected uses. Along those same lines, a good toolbox stocked with items you plan on using frequently can also be a huge benefit. Just make sure your workspace doesn’t become too crowded because you’ve filled it with items you’ll hardly ever use.


Most garages have just one or two lights that do a terrible job of illuminating the space. Consider a lighting upgrade with track lighting or other area-specific lighting, such as a light over your workbench, to make the space as functional as possible.

Whether you implement all of these changes or just a couple are up to you. Everyone has a different vision for their garage, and you should stick to whatever will be most valuable to you. Just make sure you’ve taken time to consider different options — you don’t want to resign yourself to a sub-par garage just because you didn’t know what’s out there.