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Thinking about ways to improve your home décor? If you need an instant fix that will surely give your home interior design a more artistic feel, then try adding a few wool rugs. Wool rugs have been used by many people all over the world for many centuries. Until now, they are still being used to add that more artistic touch in people’s homes. Here are a few reasons on how wool rugs can help improve your home’s décor.

Stain and Dirt Resistance

The first advantage about wool rugs is that wool is very resistant to dirt and stains. The reason behind that is because of a natural wax-like coating on the wool’s fibers. This waxy substance wards off dirt and liquid and keeps it on the surface in where it is easy to clean off with a sponge and warm water.


Wool is unlike other materials because they are quite resilient. That means that they can resist the crushing from heavy foot traffic and furniture. Since it has natural spring-like texture they usually bounce right back up even after it is washed. It also retains its form and beauty which could be a wonderful addition to your home’s décor.

Improve Your Home Décor With Artistic Wool Rugs

Benefits in the Environment

Besides having wool rugs inside the house for an added artistic feel, they could also help out in the home’s surroundings. Having a few wool rugs inside the home could lessen too much noise coming from the floors. It could also insulate the bare floors and hard cushion surfaces. This is great if your family likes to walk around barefoot around the house and still want to be warm. Wool rugs can also be added outside your home since wool is biodegradable and also a renewable resource.

Brings Good Health and Safety Benefits

Another great thing about wool rugs is that they are naturally fire resistant. Wool will not melt unlike synthetic fibers which makes them safe to have around the house. Besides that, wool also tends to absorb moisture from the air which lessens the humidity and also could prevent asthma from being triggered. It could also prevent emphysema symptoms if ever you have family members or guests that come over with such lung problems. Wool is antibacterial and also hypoallergenic.

Choose from a Wide Variety of Designs

You could drive down to your local furniture or home décor shop right now and find yourself a nice, artistic and cozy wool rug. No matter what color your wall paper is or whatever color theme you have around your home, you could find yourself a wool rug that will match it. You could choose from a wide array of sizes also, depending on where you want to place the wool rug around the house. There are several solid colors to choose from and also wool rugs that have a variety of colors. Whatever you feel like adding in your home, you could do so because wool rugs are available in pretty much any color and shape.

Purchasing a wool rug or a few around the house could definitely help in making your home more cozy and more artistic. You have the chance to select from a wide range of wool rugs that you could find in furniture stores and/or home décor shop.

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