Including A TV In Your Kitchen

The Kitchen is the modern work area of the house, but cooks do not want to feel locked away to slave over the stove all day in fact more often the modern kitchen integrates a television of some form. Incorporating a television into your kitchen can be difficult but with some careful planning you can install one quite easily which doesn’t distract from your overall kitchen design.

Cabinet Mount

You can mount a small flat screen pull out TV underneath you cabinets, this can be pulled and when required but then pushed back when it’s not needed anymore. There are a number of firms which specialise in these types of televisions; the downside is that they are generally small screen between 5 -12 inches. Mounting this type of TV is fairly simple and the hardware will often be part of the product you purchase.

The Fridge Mount

A quick win is placing a small television on top of the fridge. Often the fridge is used as a resting place for old documents and other non-essential items, placing your TV in front can help to solve the problem of where to put your television but also hides the unwanted document’s to give a tidier kitchen.

Flat-Screen Countertop Mount

It’s quite a common trait to place a small flat screen television on top of a counter. Depending on your counter space will dictate the size of the television you can use. This is probably one of the most simple solutions as there is often no mounting required and there will probably be a plug socket close.

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Flat-Screen Wall Mount

Flat screen televisions have enabled us to swap a picture frame for a television. There are a number of different wall mounts available from flat to twisting mounts. So you can have the choice of placing your TV flat against the wall or placing it in the corner.  Just remember to not hang your television over anything which produces heat, steam or water.

The Pantry Mount

It is common for new homes to have a pantry or outhouse. This now involves potentially getting a contractor involved. They should be able to build a small closet over the door into the pantry, it’s a fairly simple job, and you will also need a licensed electrician so they can run cables to connect the TV and Digital Ariel.

So adding a television to your kitchen can be a fairly simple job and it always helps to keep the kids quite while they are eating their dinner.

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