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As the owner or even the manger of a hotel or resort, you are always racking your brain trying to find new methods to get the guests flocking in. Whereas the peak seasons give you the advantage of a consistent demand for your service, the off peak period can really hurt your business if you are running without a concrete marketing strategy.

At times, the marketing lies not in the grand plan you draw up but in the little things that you have that make your hotel stand out from the rest. For instance, the kind of furniture that you use in your hotel or resort matters a great deal. When guests come to you, they expect to find the top-notch service accompanied by quality and luxury. Each experience they have in your facilities should send out that message.

One of the most notable things people tend to see when they enter a room is the furniture and the décor of the area. If it is not memorable then maybe they will not remember your resort.

Your guest may have a great holiday but if they go back home with an aching back because of the bad chair they sat on, or the squeaking bed, you are sure they will not come back.

This is why you need to invest in Amish furniture. The Amish have dedicated ears of skill to creating a unique brand. Hence, embody Amish furniture and create a unique brand for yourself. If you are wondering what the fuss is all about when it comes to Amish furniture, it is because you are assured of:

Fine quality
Whereas other products are machine made and employ the use of cheap materials to enable profit for mass production, the Amish do the complete opposite. Each piece of furniture is specially crafted and the wood for its use is inspected beforehand to ensure that the grains will match the purpose. The pieces have quality in them from their look, their material and their finish, you can be sure that the products are definitely memorable, and so will be your resort.

Unique style
The fact that the pieces are handcrafted makes each piece unique from the rest. Take the uniqueness a step further by getting a design that displays the theme of your resort, and have all your furniture crafted to display your theme. You will get a lovely natural look that is highly appealing and alluring to the eye.

The Amish do not make products that stand for one day and fall apart the next. They are made to last for generations. Your products will therefore, serve you for many years and enhance the brand quality of your hotel. You do not have to worry about accidents on your property due to a failing furniture piece. Despite the initial cost, the longevity of the pieces makes them worth the investment in the end.

Handcrafts with skill
The beauty of Amish furniture is that a carpenter who has learnt the precious trade that has been passed down from one generation to another, crafts each piece by hand. The handcraft gives them a particular quality, style and finish. It is the perfect combination of the rustic and modern you need in your hotel.

A reduction in your carbon footprints
With the emphasis everywhere being on conserving the environment whilst reducing the carbon footprint, an opportunity to do so is highly welcome. Amish furniture provides this perfect opportunity. The Amish do not use any chemicals or agents in their products. All the processes involved until the final piece is ready for sale are completely environmentally friendly.

When you therefore invest in Amish furniture, you play your role in creating a better planet and reducing your own carbon footprint. The eco friendly nature of your hotel brings more advantages your way in the form of marketing. Many people want to associate themselves with green products in their own attempts to make a better environment.

More reasons abound as to why Amish furniture is a great solution to lure in your market. It is a great investment that you need, and will definitely get to see the returns.

Chad is a marketer and brand manager with a focus in the hospitality and hotel industry. He is an avid supporter of Amish made furniture.