Increasing Your Chances Of Getting On The Guest List At Exclusive London Nightclubs

Ladies first
Sorry gents, but many clubs favour women and are more likely to add them to a guest list. The idea being that a club full of beautiful women will lure in the paying men! This principle not only applies to the guest list but to those willing to pay to get in! How many times have you seen a group of guys be turned away from the door for a poor reason such as style of shoes, but yet the doors flung open for an even bigger group of girls? If going out in groups, try to have at least two women to every man to stand a chance of getting in.

Make use of your concierge
If you are staying in a hotel it is always worth speaking to the concierge as they may be able to get you onto the guest list for some of the local clubs – it may not be the free admission list but will mean you don’t have to stand in long queues only to be turned away.

The early bird
It can sometimes be as simple as calling the club in advance and asking to be added to the guest list.  Many clubs work closely with promoters so they may refer you on. This is more likely to work for new clubs wanting to establish a strong client base early on.

Book a table or bottle service
This can be a good way for a group of guys to avoid the long lines and admittance protocol. It will usually get you in the club – possibly in the VIP area. Prices can vary dramatically from club to club and the rules vary too. You may have to pay for the table or have a minimum spend for the table or pay per head. This is not a cheap option, so shop around; table charges can range from as low as £50 into the thousands.

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Style it up
Either woman or man, if you don’t look the part you won’t be getting in. Even if you are lucky enough to be on the guest list, if you turn up not looking your best the chances are you will be turned away.

It’s a sad fact of life but being beautiful opens doors… quite literarily, so if you don’t get mistaken for a supermodel on a regular basis pull out all the stops. If the doorman likes the look of you or thinks you look like you have money to spend he won’t care if you’re not on the guest list, he’s letting you in – and if you’re lucky he will send you in the no charge door too!

Lily French offers tips for getting on the guest list, writing for Xclusive Touch

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