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The four walls of the office cubicle just doesn’t cut it anymore, there’s no more thrill in the walk to the water cooler and your dodgy desktop prevents even the smallest of creative juices from flowing.

Modern offices and companies are pulling down cubicles, taking advantage of the shared space and making an open space for everyone and anyone.

Companies such as Pixar, Google and even Innocent smoothies are leading this office design revolution and with profitable and flourishing results. So why is it working? And how can smaller businesses and offices mimic these results?

It’s all about teamwork
Like the saying, two heads are better than one, but imagine a whole office of heads working together to create the best possible idea or product! Employees are being encouraged to spend time productively as a team and this is harnessed in the way that open plan offices are laid out.

Using an open space as the main area for employees to gather, collaborate and listen, and then arranging desks or break rooms as places to go to work together with a bit more privacy.

Use of glass, open lines of sight and shared working spaces let employees see each other and encourages teamwork

Pixar is one company that really takes advantage of open spaces, glass and the resulting teamwork this encourages. The front of their main building is modern and made of glass, allowing natural light through, cubicles for private working are unique and non- traditional. They also have a game room and a multitude of common areas where workers can gather and talk.

Every room can be a place of work
Office space can be expensive, that’s why companies are also using their initiative and taking advantage of all the rooms that they have.  Instead of a kitchen just being a kitchen, it could be a place of impromptu meetings, a mixing pot of ideas instead of just tea and coffee. Make the change by wiring the kitchen up to the internet, doubling the kitchen table as work stations and adding some comfort to an otherwise drab kitchen area.

You can see at Google’s London office how much they take advantage of the space; not only do they have a rooftop garden for workers to relax and admire the view, but available Wi-Fi means they can also work while outdoors as well as plant seeds and decrease their carbon foot-print if they so desired. Even hallways are being used for employees to gather and discuss, instead of just going from one place to the other. Studies show that the movement of walking actually encourage productivity. New designs include wider, ornate hallways with couches, whiteboards and anything else that can stimulate conversation and a productive work environment.

These offices not only motivate their current staff, but also encourage younger talent with fresh ideas to apply, for this new generation of workers, the idea of sitting behind a desk staring at four walls just won’t cut it.

This article was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Automatic Access. Follow this link to visit their site.