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Many companies today do not recognize their employees for their achievements.  The amount of employees who feel their hard work goes unnoticed reaches over fifty percent of employees within corporations. Try to increase your company morale by creating employee recognition and appreciation programs that inspire employees to continue their hard work.

Employee of the Week
A program that companies commonly use to display employee recognition  is choosing an employee of the month. However, there are only twelve months in the year, this makes it very tough to recognize a majority of the employees in the company. An alternative you can implement instead of  an employee of the month can be an employee of the week, since there are fifty-two weeks throughout the year giving more opportunities. This program can recognize a different employee every week that has gone above their normal expectations during the week. The employee can be placed and talked about in your company’s newsletter or common area. A few extras that you can add to this incentive can be a small gift card or a free lunch for that employee.  The weekly recognition alone will cause more employees to strive above their anticipated goals.

Sponsor Employee
Sponsor an employee gathering during lunch or after work if goals or sales have been met. Company events are becoming a popular way to reward employees when monthly expectations are met or overachieved.  The event you select doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, it can be something as simple as free pizza in the kitchen during lunch or an ice cream social.  If you are able to offer these types of rewards to employees, they will feel motivation to strive for the best work possible. An Alternative option is an after work event. This can occur at a local restaurant to create a relaxing atmosphere. All of these options will differ based on the budget you have within your company. These programs are a great way for employees to mingle and get to know each other more personally then just normal office interaction.

Half Days Off or Extra Vacation Day
An employee recognition program where you can offer half days on every other Friday or an extra vacation day can be very motivational to your employees. Achievements that can influence this program are set goals for employees to reach and reward them if they reach or go above these goals. Each company will have different expectations and restrictions if they use this type of reward.

Don’t let your employees go unnoticed; show them the recognition they deserve.  Create a reward program that will keep employees inspired to continue their hard work that will benefit themselves and your company.

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Michele Filipkowski is a business writer that has contributed to hundreds of business blogs. Follow her @micheleashley89