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Apple is a popular and most favorite company of the people. Apple keeps on launching its flagship every year. Few months ago apple launched ipad Air 2 and it was having really interesting designs. It was having a slimmer profile and extremely beautiful design. Now rumors are going on about the next series. In the ipad family air 2 was the slimmest. There are many people who like to have sleek phones especially women. This was a great gift to all those. Thinner does not mean that you will have to compromise with the feature. The more the thinner the best are going to be the features. The new phone iPad Air 3 is going to be thinner than its predecessor. We can expect it to be around 5mm. it can also be the world’s slimmest tablet.

Design of ipad Air 3

It is really going to be an interesting tablet. In fact the previous launches were amazing and packed with some really good features. There was a touch ID button in the previous Air Pad. There are many functions of ID touch button and it was an interesting feature. Similar can be found in the upcoming launch of the phone. Overall the design of the tablet is expected to be great. It is going to be thin and easy to carry.

iPad Air 3:- The Next Upcoming Launch By The Tech Giant


In terms of performance also it is not going to stay behind. If say performance than iPad Air 3 is going to set milestones in the technology. The tablet I going to have an A9X chip and it is more than enough for an efficient and faster performance. It will have better performance and plenty of features.

Features and Specifications

Ipad Air 2 was thinner, better camera, new features, and wi-fi with good battery life. Always something better is expected from the next one.  Ipad Air 2 was having great features and some advanced features are expected from the iPad Air 3. The battery life is expected to be same as the previous one. It will have a better resolution camera and here are some other specifications explained

  • three GB RAM
  • seven inch screen
  • 4G feature
  • Five mm thickness
  • Dustproof and water resistant
  • Eight mega pixel front camera
  • Advanced ID touch button
  • Ten mega pixel primary sensor
  • 128 GB memory

With such giant features this tablet is going to rock in the market. It is going to create history and everyone is going to get pleased with the apple device. No other tablet is going to beat this one for couple of years.

Release Date

There is always a revolution when apple launches its new device. It is expected that the company is going to release iPad Air 3 next year in 2015 in the month of September. The company is working day and night on the tablet because only ten months are left for the launch. This tablet is going to be unique and interesting. There is much more that is yet to be discovered. Till then let’s keep our finger crossed.