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Statistics say that most of the app users are active for photo and video editing. This is the reason that developers focus on creating photo or video apps, and they have flooded the market with hundred of such apps. With too many apps in the market, it is pretty obvious that users will get confused about which one to use. We have selected few of the apps that we liked working with. Read on, to find the apps that work amazingly as photo or video apps and make a better choice for yourself.


With Juxtaposer app in your phone, you can take one part from one photo and graft it onto another photo. Let us say, you want to play a prank with your friend by replacing his head with that of your pet’s head. All you need to do is, put both the photos loaded and then, use the fingers to remove and replace the head you want to, in the photograph.


You can create a wide variety of creative images by using FreezePaint app. You can point your camera on an image and get different images, by freezing them into places of your choice. You can morph a pair of eyes on a dog’s face or morph two baby’s image. FreezePaint is similar to Juxtaposer.


Pano app has been rated as one of the best apps of iPhone, by Apple. Using this app, you can create 360 degree panoramic images with fantastic blend of alignments and color. You can capture seamless photos, just like a professional photographer.


Cropping is one of the commonly used techniques on the photos. How about un-cropping? Anticrop app is used to uncrop any photo that you have taken. For example, if you have taken a photo that has not enough space on the outer portion of it. Anticrop can uncrop such kind of photos by blowing up the background, with a few swipes on it.

Photo Captions:

Photo Caption app provides you with innovative and intellectual captions to your photos. It just gives life to your photos, as though they will speak out. You can give your photos a creative touch by customizing them with funny themes, frames, borders and icons. You can now, post your photos with your friends, by making it lively.

Apps can do more than you could have thought about. You can entertain yourself and your kids with these photo apps, by having a fun and interactive photo session.


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