Is Hard Water Drying Out Your Skin?

Is Hard Water Drying Out Your Skin?

For many people, hard water is just a part of life. Hard water refers to water with a high certain of minerals. These minerals can change the flavor of the water, the ease at which you can clean clothing, as well as how it effects the skin itself.

Where is Hard Water Found?

Hard water is common in both urban and rural areas. hard water is most common in rural areas where people still rely on a well for water. Although city water, which has been treated with a variety of different substances, tends to be “less hard,” it can still be harder than most drinking water in the U.S.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water contains more undissolved minerals and other substances than soft water does. These undissolved minerals can make it more difficult to get your clothes clean and can negatively impact the flavor of your water. But more than anything, hard water can be really, well, hard on your skin.

How Hard Water Hurts the Skin

Hard water can actually damage the overall health and appearance of skin. The undissolved minerals can break down the elastin in the skin. Elastin promotes soft hands and keeps wrinkles at bay. While it does not affect everyone, sometimes the skin’s reaction to hard water can be severe, even causing redness and rashes.

Hard Water and Acne

Hard water can also increase one’s risk of developing certain skin conditions such as acne. The undissolved minerals in the water break down the natural oils in the skin. While excess oil is often the cause of acne, the face needs a certain amount of this oil to keep the skin clear and dry. Hard water dries out the skin and leeches these oils out of the skin on our faces, leaving us more prone to both acne and problems with dry, chaffed skin, even to the point where the skin is cracked and may even bleed.

Consider Water Softeners

Hard water is not only annoying due to the difference in flavor and the way our clothing and other things get cleaned with said water, but it can also be very damaging to our skin. Especially for those with sensitive skin, the undissolved minerals can cause redness, rashes and even leave one more prone to skin problems like acne. For those who are suffering from negative skin effects as a result of hard water, consider a water softener. A water softening system helps to completely dissolve the extra minerals in the hard water, making it softer, taste better and less harsh on the skin.

Peter Wendt is a freelance writer from Austin, TX. When he moved to the country, he quickly discovered just how sensitive his skin was to hard water. If you need your water softened he highly recommends, providers of Kinetico Water Softening Systems.

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