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When it comes to buying screws or nuts and bolts etc, where do you usually buy them? Do you drive to your local supplier, getting stuck in traffic jams on the way only to find they haven’t got the size you need. It can be so frustrating, but in reality that is often what happens. Add further to your frustration the fact that some places will only get a delivery a couple of times a week, so it could be several days before they get the item in stock. It seems like a rather outdated way of doing things, but some of these suppliers don’t even have any control over their orders but are just sent the items their head office thinks they will need.

So, if you’ve never ordered from an online tool supplier before, then maybe its time you did. They certainly have a great advantage over the local supplier located on the high street. Their premises are going to be far larger and often located on the outskirts of the town, making it cheaper for them to trade and pass the savings on to the customer. Larger premises mean larger amounts of stock, so it’s less likely they will run out of the item you require. Add to the fact that if you live within their delivery area, then often your items can be with you free of a delivery charge on orders over a certain amount within a short space of time; great for freeing up your precious time allowing you to get on with other things. If you need any advice on a particular product, then you can be sure of your query being answered by an expert rather than just a sales person. They really are worth a try next time you need some fixings or fasteners.