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No wedding has been fully organised until the photographer has been booked and this hasn’t changed since cameras were invented. Capturing the snaps of your big day – and to be fair probably the best day of your life – and you looking the greatest you’ve ever looked. However, advances in technology could mean that photography is being pushed out to make way for the newest way of preserving the memories of you wedding day, videography.

Many are sceptical as to whether video is worth the extra cost, after all it’s not as though the video of your day is going to end up on ‘You’ve Been Framed’ on the TV – or at least you’d hope not anyway – so it’s not like you’re going to gain £250 from having a video. However, with video and internet technology coming a long way, social media has become a central point in everyone’s life so if you’re friends from Australia aren’t able to make it on the day they’ll still be able to experience it through internet video.

However, there is a valid argument that a wedding day should be an intimate occasion between you and your family along with your closest friends. So, do you really want your wedding day to be available for everyone’s eyes across the internet? Probably not; but it’s still possible for the friends and family that will miss out to experience your happiness. You can still publish your video onto a social media site – just make it private – or you could just do it the old fashioned way and send them a copy through the post.

Again, technological advances have meant that nowadays videographers can be inconspicuous. They no longer need to follow your every move and be in your face every second of the day. Cameras can now see further and clearer than ever before so they can be positioned at the back of the room for the whole day. Video helps capture the parts of the wedding that the bride and groom may miss, such as the discussion between friends, the anticipation in the church and the meet and greet at the reception, all of which add value to the whole day. Video is better than photography in that it can capture every emotion.

The couple also have the opportunity to offer their guests a copy of the edited video footage. This gives everyone a chance to remember the day; this is not an option with a photographer where official snaps are only given to the bride and groom.

Videography will cost more than a photographer so the real question is, in years to come would you rather watch a video of your special day or cosy up around the photo album?

This article was written by Andrew Chambers – an events coordinator – for