Is There Such A Thing As Eco-Friendly Methods Of Car Maintenance?

Is There Such A Thing As Eco-Friendly Methods Of Car Maintenance?

What’s happening to our environment is worrisome. Pollution is wreaking havoc to our environment that its effects are already far too palpable. As a concerned individual, you would naturally want to do your part to help the environment. You patronize recycled products, and you make sure that you leave as little carbon footprint as possible, especially if you’re driving a vehicle.

Owning an environmentally-friendly vehicle is not enough. If you want to do more, then you have to choose an auto repair shop that’s known for its green and eco-friendly services.

The Green Auto Repair Shop
Fortunately, there are some auto repair shops nowadays that are just as concerned as you are about the environment. They pay close attention to how their services are affecting the environment, and like you, they also see to it that they leave little carbon footprint.

In addition to this, green auto repair shops also educate their clients when it comes to car maintenance. They teach them how to understand car efficiency better and teach them tips to practice it as well as improve their mileage.

Green Services
If you’re looking for a green auto repair shop, then here are some things to look for in one:

  1. Are they using chemical-free parts washers? Green auto repair shops make use of chemical-free bioremediation when it comes to washing parts. In a nutshell, this is a treatment process that makes use of biological agents to get rid of dirt, contaminants, and grease. These biological agents include bacteria, fungi, as well as plant-based products and enzymes to quickly break down organic compounds. Through the use of this eco-friendly products, dirt, grease, and oil from car parts are safely cleaned and washed without doing much harm to the environment. No need for aerosol to wash parts, and no need for chemicals to remove and neutralize contaminants.
  2. Are they using eco-friendly coolant? Green auto repair shops make use of eco-friendly coolant. This is a new chemical that has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency as the best alternative to the usual coolants used in cars. Not only can this “green” coolant help reduce the amount of harmful emissions that can deplete the ozone layer, but this can also even be recycled into new coolant. Furthermore, if there is any coolant left, it can still be recycled into another form, a roofing tar, for example.
  3. Are they recycling their waste materials? Green auto repair shops do not only promote the use of eco-friendly products, but they are also recycling their waste materials. For one, they send their oil waste to recycling plants where they are processed and recycled into fuel oil. Two, they also recycle the oil filters, cleaning and washing the metal filters and sending them to a company that recycles metal. Three, they also send their metal scrap to recycling plants where they are recycled and made into new products. Four, papers and plastics are also sent to recycling plants to minimize harmful impact to the environment.

These are just some of the “green” services that green auto repair shops offer their clients and help the environment. If you want to do your part, then look for a green auto shop in your area.

Jennifer Dahlstrom is a freelance article provider who regularly contributes articles to a car service and tires Oxnard provider. Driving cars does have a harmful impact to the environment, but you can reduce your carbon footprint by taking your vehicle to a green auto repair shop.

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