Is Your Business Blog Missing in Action?

Is Your Business Blog Missing in Action?

An essential tool in today’s day and age for getting your business name out there is having a dependable and relevant blog.

If you stop and think about it for a moment, crafting and writing a business blog, be it like US Storage Search Blog; a blog that promotes a home business; or a blog entailing your plans to open a new business; mostly takes time and effort. So, why is it that too many small businesses still don’t get this simple concept?

Your company’s blog can be a great reading tool for real-time interaction with both current and potential customers, giving you the ability to increase your revenue stream, keep the competition at bay, and be seen as an authority figure in your respective niche.

With that being said, what if you have a business blog and just about no one knew about it?

Sadly, that is the case for many business owners who just do not invest the time and effort needed to write relevant content, then turn around and promote it.

So, how can you open the doors to more consumers reading your small business blog?

Among some tips:

1. Give those headlines some love – Headlines are as important as ever when it comes to your blog. Keep in mind that many consumers like to jump from site to site while on the Internet, so you need something that will catch their eye. It is also a good idea to incorporate a keyword or two into the headline that will garner positive SEO (search engine optimization) attention. By doing this, you increase the chances of getting the search engines to notice you sooner rather than later;

2. Make the content readable and easy to follow – While you do not want to say readers are uneducated, you will have trouble conveying your blog messages to some if it is not easy to follow and relevant. Keep in mind that many people who go to a website blog like to get in and out in a short amount of time. With that being the case, your blog should be easy to navigate, not be too heavy on the copy side (bullet points never hurt), and offer some imagery/charts, etc. to break up the copy. It never hurts to have someone you know on the outside (who is not biased) look at your business blog and give you some feedback. You more than likely love your blog, but can the same be said for that potential customer who is coming to your site? If the answer is no, you have some work to do;

3. Link it up – Your blog gives you a great opportunity to deploy key links to other posts on your site. One key to keeping your blog attractive and relevant is having readers not only peruse current posts, but dig deeper into your archives. If you just posted content that is related to something you did a few months back, put a link in the copy to that prior post. You should also include when appropriate relevant outside links to authoritative sites. If your blog content is money-related, links to sites like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, CNN Business News etc. certainly don’t hurt. Make sure, however, that the links are appropriate and do not take the reader to sites not worth their time;

4. Consider guest blogging – One great way to bring more traffic back to your blog is to work with other relevant blogs. If you can agree upon a link exchange with them, it behooves you to do just that. The back-and-forth traffic is a win-win situation for both you and the other publisher;

5. Go social – Lastly, using social media to promote your business blog is essential. Having a Facebook business fan page, being on Twitter, Google+, Pinetrest etc. are great means to spread the word. Put links back to your blog when you are using social media to promote your business and engage with consumers. If (hopefully they do) readers comment on your blog posts, be sure to answer their questions/concerns in a timely manner. The more you stay engaged with consumers, the more likely the chances that you will earn some of their business.

If your business blog has been missing in action up to this point, the time to provide its location is now.

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