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If run or own a business then it is extremely important that you stay up to date with all health and safety procedures. One of the most important health and safety procedures there is in a business is to ensure that your business, staff and customers are fully protected from fire.

Depending on your type of business it may be necessary that you have a sprinkler system in place. This is because it is a great way to prevent a fire spreading. This can control the fire and stop it from getting out of control and destroying the whole building and transferring onto other buildings putting you and others around you in extreme danger. A sprinkler system can also be put in place to preserve and protect stock which you have in your business.

All businesses will have fire doors around the premises, it is important that you always keep them shut when they are not in use. Having the doors shut during a fire can help prevent the fire spreading through the whole building.

To protect your staff, customers and visitors in the building it is important that your staff always know what to do in the event of a fire. This is why you should regularly practice fire drills. Your staff should know where exit the building safely and where to locate themselves. All staff should be trained on fire regulations so that they can carry out the correct procedure during the case of a fire.

You should always make sure that fire exits are clearly marked and they are never obstructed so that people can make a quick exit if it is necessary. You also need to make sure you have the correct fire extinguishers around the building and they are easy to locate and access. You should also train your staff so they know how to use them correctly.

You should also find out if there is a fire hydrant near you on the premises. If there is then you should ensure that fire hydrant test equipment is used regularly on the hydrants to ensure that they are working correctly. Fire fighters use fire hydrants to help put out the fire and if they are not regularly checked this can lead to further problems and the fire spreading out of control.

To try and prevent a fire even beginning in your business premises is by turning off all the electrics in the building overnight. Electric points can overheat which can result in a fire and if there is no one there to control the fire then this can end rather disastrous.

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