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It is quite tough for any school to make the kids agree to eat vegetables. Now they will face the problem more as according to the new rule they have to feed the kids more vegetables than before and that also of different colors.

The president of America Mr. Barack Obama has signed an act called Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act which came in the year 2010. Because of this new act the standard of food has been improved in schools in the USA for the first time in the last fifteen years. By the beginning of the New Year all the schools must follow this new rule.

new standard of foodThis rule has shown the type of food the kids have to be given to eat. The amount of food which has to give is also written in this rule. The amount of sodium consumed by the kids has been limited in this rule and they have also dictated the range of calorie which the schools must provide to the students.

There is a ten year phase for the standard of sodium in the food. For the year 2015 the target would be 1420 mg. sodium. In the year 2018 the target will be 1080 mg. sodium and within 2023 it has to reach 740 mg.

The amount of sodium in the food has been given so much importance because it can change the flavor of the food in great extent.

According to the director for communications in the Kokomo Center School Mr. Dave Barnes, “There is no fryer in school for last five years. The foods are baked and given to the students. The sodium is mixed to make the flavor in the food so that the kids can eat the food easily. Now the sodium cannot be touched.”

There will be no use of fat elements in the food. The calorie range would be from 750 to 850 which will be the maximum mark for the number of calorie is concern. The students have to be given five cup vegetables every week. Those cups have to be divided into various categories like 1 and ¼ cup red or orange vegetables, ½ cup green vegetables, ½ cup of peas or beans, ¾ cup of other vegetables and ½ cup of vegetables which is starchy.

The most difficult part for the school is to provide orange and red vegetables to the students. The schools have to spend more money for that as these kind of vegetables will not be easy available.

However, the schools are not trying to request the Government to release the rule a bit rather they are trying to encourage the parents to maintain the same kind of standard of food at home so that the children can get best diet.

The rule is made for providing the kids the best food options so that they can stay healthy. Therefore most of the schools are trying to maintain the standard and make the parents of the kids aware of it so that the new rule can become a success.