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College can be a tough time for young students. For the first time most students find themselves away from home, living in a dorm with a roommate, accepting responsibility, studying late and being broke.  A student who was once so excited about leaving home may end up feeling alone and home sick and in need of some encouragement. One the best way to do so is with a care package. Here are some great items for them.

You simply can’t go wrong with cookies. If you happen to know their favorite kinds then bake some fresh ones for them.  In fact, make it a night with you family.  Have their younger siblings help you bake them. Of course the standards are great chocolate chip, oatmeal etc. By why stop there? Be creative. Mix up some icing and write personalized messages on sugar cookies. You can also go the store and look for some really unique ones.  Purchase the winter crème Oreo’s or cookies dyed green for spring. The more fun you have with it the more they will appreciate it.

Once again, they don’t have much money and will probably need some clothes. Guys especially go through socks and boxers like nobody’s business so those are always a good idea. Once again, you can have with this. Find some funny boxer that fit the student’s interest. For example if they are into comic books then by then super hero boxers. Find some funny ones like boxers with hearts on them. For girls cute, multi-colored or plaid socks are a good option.  Pajama bottoms can be fun as well. You can even send them cloths with their universities mascot of logo on it.

Being in college means a lot of late night studying which can require some stimulants. You can purchase flavored packs of coffee for those that drink it. Or even the Starbucks instant Via. If they don’t drink coffee then pack some energy drinks instead. You can also pack in chocolate covered espresso beans to snack on. Practically anything with sugar works well. Find their favorites or buy something unique like holiday M&M’s.  Other options can be dried fruit, trail mix, and energy bars.

Gift Cards
Another great option is gift cards.  Once again there is plenty of room for fun. We aren’t talking anything expensive just five or ten dollars here and there. A Starbucks card is always nice. Provide some fun options as well such as a couple of movie, miniature golf or bowling tickets. College students are always hungry so fast food cards are a good idea as well.

Whether they attend a state school or a military university all students could use some encouragement. While it might not seem like much it can mean the world to them.

Jeff Jordan lives and writes in Southern Califonria. He writes about education, life and automobiles. Brooksfield Homes San Diego is a great place to purchase your next home.